Ideas to renovate your space

Innovating in designs and moving trends quickly is something normal in the world of interior decoration; For this reason, one of the most important spaces in the home, such as the kitchen, deserves special and constant attention. If you have plans to renovate your kitchen, and you want some updated ideas,

open kitchens

If you still have a kitchen as a separate space from the home, it’s time to break down walls and open up the room, integrating it into the dining room. Kitchens with this design give the feeling of being more spacious, which is why they are more social when sharing with others; You can be aware of the visits, the children or the movie while you prepare the food.

Gloss and smooth textures at the forefront

This season’s kitchens show order and brightness, therefore, thick textures and matte finishes are out of place. To achieve the desired effect, gloss finished materials, either metallic or in neutral colors with frosting , are suggested and will go on countertops, cabinet doors, and tabletops. Thanks to these characteristics, cleaning will be easier, in addition to the aesthetics that is achieved, reflecting unity and order.

central high islands

In an open kitchen, a central island is essential, preferably high, facilitating the preparation of food while standing. In addition, this piece of furniture is multifunctional, it will serve as a table for breakfast, extra space for preparing or presenting dishes and extra storage. An island well located within the open space will help to separate the rooms, without reducing visibility.

Neutral and light colors

Bold colors are out of place in modern kitchens. The trend proposes white, black, grey, wood brown and pastel colours. With these, you can give a feeling of spaciousness in the room; In addition, the use of metallic appliances, white or black, is proposed to make a difference. If black is used, it is complemented with light colors to give the necessary contrast.

Multifunctional and compact surfaces

First of all order. In the modern kitchen, everything must be stored in its specific place, without protruding; therefore, the countertops fulfill a double function as storage spaces, thus having freedom for other activities.

taking advantage of natural light

In the latest trends, natural light is the protagonist everywhere, and in the modern kitchen it cannot be missing. With a large exterior window you can take advantage of this vital element; By the way, it will serve as a ventilation and air circulation passage, saving energy by not depending on electric extractors.