LED Building

Solar-powered lighting has become popular within decades as fossil fuels have become more expensive. As a result, more people and companies are looking to have a sustainable green alternative energy source. Solar LED lights are a more affordable and obvious off-grid solution compared to traditional lighting systems. In general Solar powered lights have a lot of advantages and their simplicity of installation. 

Here are some key pros and cons of a solar power lighting system if it is suitable enough to replace your readily available traditional electrical lighting.

Pros of Having Solar lightings in Your Building

  • Reduces Electricity Bills

Since you meet some of your energy consumption through your solar-powered LED light, your monthly electricity bills will drop depending on the size of your solar system and your electricity heat usage on other powered systems. Therefore, the bigger the solar panel, the bigger you can save energy consumption as it covers large chunks of energy usage and bills.

  • Durable and Safe

The traditional electrical lighting system may have hidden some safety hazards due to its installation quality, power supply disorder, and material aging. Solar LED lights are not utilizing alternating current so that there are no hidden safety hazards on the system. However, nowadays, most solar lighting available on the market has stable performance due to mature technology manufacturing. They can generate for more than twenty years or even longer. 

  • Low Maintenance Cost and High Technology

The solar lights can adjust the light intensity depending on the natural brightness and occupants’ demands because a solar charge controller regulates the system. Moreover, solar lights only need a cyclical inspection. Thus the cost of maintenance is relatively low.  

  • Renewable Energy Source

Solar-powered LED lights are a truly renewable energy source. It is suitable in all areas whenever you want to install solar lighting as long as there is a shade of sunlight. Furthermore, it is unlimited, and it can generate electricity and power as long as we have sunlight, unlike any other energy source. 

  • Simple installation

The installation of this solar LED lighting system is convenient and straightforward without any new complicated wiring needed in the system. Therefore, it doesn’t need a lot of labor force and material resources.

  • Wide Styles Variety 

There are many styles, sizes, types, and shapes of solar lightings, and all of them provide an aesthetic and pleasing look design. The entire solar motion light range is tremendous, and there are tons of products that can suit your needs and styles. 

  • Diverse Application

Solar energy systems do light LED bulbs and power any other diverse purposes and produce electricity without any energy grid. For example, it can supply electricity to generate clean recycled rainwater water in your building for potable usage to minimize water consumption of your entire building and can power any other electrical system.  

  • Environmentally Friendly

Using solar light plays a significant impact in reducing our global carbon footprint created by non-renewable sources of energy. In addition, solar LED lighting systems technology will lessen the problems caused by the exhaustion of other energy resources. 

Cons of Solar Energy in Your Building

  • Needs a Huge of Space

The more energy you want to produce, the more solar panels you need, as you want to collect as much sunlight as you need. Solar panels require a vast space, and some rooftops are not that big enough to fit those solar panels you would like to have. 

An alternative is installing some other panels in areas with access to direct sunlight within the whole day, like in your yard or lawn, or you can even install it near the seashore, together with your coastal zone access panels with high rust resistance. If you are struggling to have enough space for all the solar panels that you want to have, you can opt to install fewer panels that still satisfy some of your energy needs. 

  • Large initial investment

One of the cons factors of having a solar energy system is the huge initial investment cost. Based on the survey, the total cost to install a solar energy power system can reach up to three times the price of a traditional energy source system due to its solar storage batteries with almost the same efficiency. 

However, if you weigh it and compare it for long-term savings, there is nothing better than solar power. It may be pretty expensive at first, but it will save you more money in terms of energy bills than you can ever think in the long run.

Every energy source has pros and cons, but if you are thinking of the greenhouse effects on our environment and positive thinking to save money in the long run, the solar energy source is the best option for your choice. Whatever the cons are, solar-powered lights are still the best option for an energy source that reduces the carbon and greenhouse footprint pollution impact in our environment.