Runwal Rare Review

It’s difficult to find a home with modern amenities in a city like Mumbai but when I came across Runwal Rare I was pretty surprised. A beautiful opulent space based in Andheri West offering 2,3,4, and 4+ BHK rooms. The place was located 

Near Bombay YMCA Andheri Branch, Shiv Nagar , Andheri West. With 

0.48 acres of total space there was  60 units in total with multiple options of rooms. When I moved to Mumbai I didn’t have my own open space but now that I’m getting a home for myself I have to ensure I have everything I always wanted in my home. 

The best part about the place was his Spectacular Seaside Views and the beauty around it. We’ve all heard about the Reputed Builder Runwal who built this space and most importantly the Proximity to D N Nagar Subway Station. I have a good working system. As I work remotely I’ll be able to sit and enjoy the view and enjoy my time at this place. 

I had some things that I needed at my place and that’s when I started examining further to ensure this place has everything I’m looking forward to. In the future when I’ll get my partner here I have to think about that element as well so this investment has to be rightly managed. About the place it was pretty magnificent to have a view like this from your balcony and being in Andheri West I’ll be able to travel to beautiful places in Mumbai easily. 

Having your space is pretty crucial and a good investment was something I really wanted to make so what’s better than a beautiful space for me and my closed ones. As my parents live in Delhi I wanted them to come here and stay with me for a while and now that I’ll be having my own space there’s no problem taking them here to live with me. 

Beautiful Lifestyle At Runwal Rare

The place offers easy access to the public transportation, close medical facilities and good services around. For people who love traveling to beautiful places,   Powai Lake is an ideal space to enjoy my time and go for evening strolls. Here we have multiple places to explore, while the nearby malls provide a wealth of retail therapy options. 

With its innovative and classy design they have blended modernity and tradition together creating a fusion of beauty with convenience. The architecture here is pretty beautiful where we get a grand entrance, a beautiful garden and a spacious car parking. The detailed patterns and beautiful structure made the place more elegant and accessible. 

The apartments in Runwal Rare are efficient to offer spacious living areas, modern kitchens, and luxurious bedrooms. 

With every element of this space we have automation systems and it’s comfortable and convenient for every individual. The place was built with best material and having this space in Andheri West would be cool for me to travel and explore new places around. There’s only one building having around 60 units of total. The place was offered for a decent amount of  ₹4.01 Crores – ₹5.95 Crores. 

Amenities That Are Just Perfect At Runwal Rare 

Making this place a perfect spot we have 

Jogging track and Gym which i genuinely needed in my new apartment. Having Jogging track would be perfect for me to go on a run in the morning and a Gym where I i can lift weights. The place is Vastu compliant and have  Intercom for communication. Ensuring security of the members there’s a Cctv cameras at the entrances. Using the resources right they have a rain water harvesting system and for proper waste management they have a Sewage treatment plant. 

We got a Visitor parking where i can park my vehicle easily. Servant room and club house is also available at this place. Lift is accessible to all the floors and to avoid any uncertain situations they have Fire safety at the place. There are multiple 

Indoor games at the place which I can enjoy with my friends. For relaxation we have a Swimming pool which we can use to hangout. There’s a dedicated Park at the place and there’s also a Maintenance staff and we also get a Power backup here. 

It was difficult to find opulent space like this but Nobroker’s verified property listings helped me get this and if you’re looking for some convenient properties like this head to