Parker Schnabel House; The Haines Home

Parker Schnabel; this is a name known very well in the gold mining industry. He is currently one of the most successful gold miners of recent times.

Most beautiful thing about this guy is, he is a young chap. Parker was born in 1994 in Haines, Alaska. You might be wondering how he is so successful at 30. And of all things, gold mining.

Well, Parker took up gold mining as a teenager and decided to delve into it. Most people say that his business skills and keen mining instincts got him this far.

However, Parker started mining at 16, and had his mining operation up and running in Canada. After four years of mining, Parker was said to have mined 3 million dollars worth of gold. At that age, it was unheard of.

With his unwavering success at such a young age and in such an abstract industry; Parker became very popular. This fame gave him access to a lot of things; including making an appearance on a reality TV show, gold rush.

Parker is currently worth millions of dollars because of his; ability to find rich deposits of gold; ability to take risks; and savvy business skills.

Just like most rich and famous people before him, Parker bought himself a mansion. He built a beautiful house in his hometown, Haines, Alaska.

This majestic house serves as a home for Parker’s family. This is an extremely big house with luxurious setting. It is nothing short of the American dream.

This is what success gets you. Today, Parker has access to such an elegant house because of hard work and commitment.

In this article, we will talk about Parker Schnabel and how the Haines house reflects who he is and what it represents.

The Haines Home

Parker Schnabel’s house is located in Haines Alaska, hence the name “Haines home”.

This hilltop residence has such a luxurious feeling. This house was custom built by Parker in 2017 after he purchased the 3500 square feet land.

You must imagine how it feels to live in such a big house. Firstly, Parker’s house offers a panoramic view of the mountains and ocean inlet.

In addition, this luxurious home contains 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Also, there is the key feature of the mixture of wood, stone, and metal elements to form the modern and rustic aesthetic. One side of the house is designed with floor to ceiling windows which allows natural lighting in the house.

Key Features Of The House

  • One story duplex with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms set across both floors.
  • Spacious master bedroom with a walk in closet and balcony.
  • Floor to ceiling windows for natural lighting and panoramic views.
  • 3 car garage
  • A beautiful living room for entertaining guests and a luxurious kitchen on the ground floor.

The Significance Of Parker Schnabel House

To Parker, this house represents a lot of things. Here are those things that makes this house significant to Mr. Parker Schnabel.

Symbol Significance
Flourishing career This house represents how far Parker has come in his career. The wealth and comfort that he is able to achieve through a wonderful career involving so much risks and time. This hilltop mansion represents his position in the gold mining industry.
Roots As we mentioned before, Parker was born in Haines, Alaska. Not only that, this is where his family is from. He has decided to take his roots very seriously. He has the means to get something like this in California or New York, but he built this house to signify his deep roots. He was born into generations of gold miners.
Accomplishments The extravagant home showcases the rewards for success. Especially in the mining industry. The size makes a statement to everyone about how fortunate he is. Lastly, the opulence and the views show how enjoyable financial prosperity can be.
Dreams Lastly, the massive and luxurious home is a way of showing that his dreams have been achieved. After years of calculated risks and sleepless nights. From when he was a teenager. This house shows that tenacity and hard work can make your dreams come through.


The Architecture And Design Of Parker Schnabel House

Parker’s luxurious house has so many architectural marvels and features. Firstly, the mix of modern and rustic aesthetics makes up a stylish and comfortable design.

Also, the wood beamed ceilings and stone-clad fireplace showcases true Alaskan traditions. The big windows and maximum open floor spaces gives the home a minimalist feel.

Furthermore, Parker’s house also uses a blend of different elements like wood, stone and metal to create a textural appeal for the exterior. One whole side of the house is covered with big windows that run from the floor to ceiling.

This magnificent feature gives residents a view of Haines. The beautiful mountains and the ocean sites sets an inviting and calming vibe for residents and visitors alike.

And spots like the balconies and terraces which are only accessible from certain rooms in the house does a great job of mixing the indoor with the outdoors.