kitchen decoration trends
kitchen decoration trends

Kitchens have taken a stellar place in most homes . A space that perfectly shows the decorative style and personality that we try to imprint on the home. Among the many trends in decoration , minimalist kitchens have been gaining popularity in recent years. 

And it is that the minimalist style, governed by the well-known maxim of “ less is more ” , is not just a way of decorating. It is an authentic lifestyle where aesthetics weigh as much as functionality and everything expendable disappears from the scene. The result, clean and synthetic, is pleasing to the eye and transmits calm.

Minimalist kitchens are here to stay and there are already many users who choose to include this design to achieve the kitchen of their dreams Gilmar ‘s Reforms and Interior Design team gives us the general keys to achieve it in your home as well. If you are thinking of reforming your kitchen and you are a lover of the minimal , take note. 

The keys to a minimalist kitchen

In summary, we can say that minimalist kitchens maintain simple shapes and linear structures, use neutral colors such as the most aseptic white, and hide the appliances, seeking a uniform space. All this may sound boring, but nothing is further from the truth. We tell you, point by point, the keys to the charm of these kitchens.  

linear distribution

In general, minimalist kitchens keep the furniture in the same line, promoting a sense of continuity. Although each kitchen is different and the distribution should be done based on its possibilities and based on the available space , so when planning your kitchen, the ideal is to achieve this effect.

If you have enough space, another common element in minimalist kitchens is kitchen islands . More than ever, kitchens are spaces to enjoy and an island will allow you to have an extra surface to cook and an improvised table where you can share moments with family and friends. Plus, you’ll get a little extra storage.


In this type of kitchen design prevails, but also functionality. The diaphanous spaces, of which we have spoken, are one of the keys. But there is more.

Minimalist kitchens tend to take advantage of all the vertical space . In many cases, the furniture appears to be part of the wall itself, being camouflaged as if it were a wall. In addition to being an aesthetic solution, the idea is to achieve maximum storage capacity to hide items such as small appliances from view. Nor is it usually used to open shelves where superfluous decorations or products such as spices take center stage.

Therefore, even more than in any other type of kitchen, choose cabinets and drawers that allow you to organize everything to the millimeter. What if you take advantage of the fact that the minimal lifestyle enters your life to get rid of what you don’t need?

simple furniture

Minimalist kitchens are characterized by having furniture with straight lines and without reliefs. And handles on doors and drawers are usually dispensed with. The more details we eliminate, the simpler the furniture will be and the easier it will be to clean and maintain it as the first day.

In addition, this absence of ornamentation creates a visual sensation of greater space, which looks great in large houses and is essential in small ones. Our reform and interior design team is capable of adapting this trend to all types of homes.

smooth materials

To achieve the minimalist effect we are looking for, you must also take into account the materials. Since we are looking for a kitchen that is easy to clean and maintain , smooth materials are an excellent idea. For the furniture, you will find finishes such as matte, gloss and high gloss, satin or anti-fingerprint silk touch.

As for countertops, marble, with its beautiful natural veining, can reduce the coldness that is easy to fall into with a minimalist design. Other materials, such as aluminum or polished concrete, have a spectacular appearance and are resistant and hygienic, two highly sought-after qualities in any kitchen.

Neutral colors

Pure white is the star color in minimalist kitchens. It is not surprising because it responds perfectly to the principles of this style, being easy to integrate visually into the wall and providing light and a feeling of greater spaciousness .

But you don’t have to limit yourself to white, there is room for innovation. As the design team reminds us , the minimalist style also lends itself to other essential colors such as black or intense grey, earth tones and beiges, or some cold color such as petrol blue.

integrated appliances

Today there are many types of appliances on the market that can be easily integrated into kitchen furniture. In a minimalist design , large appliances , such as the oven, microwave or refrigerator, are hidden behind doors that maintain the line of the rest of the furniture. 

But we must not forget the small appliances such as the toaster, the coffee maker or the glass blender, whose presence can break the diaphanous sensation that we are looking for. When not in use, they should be stored inside the furniture.

Sustainability, the order of the day

Minimalist kitchens seek maximum efficiency and this entails greater sustainability. This current style invites us to choose more energy-saving appliances and low-consumption LED lighting, in spotlights integrated into the ceiling or furniture, without visible lamps. 

As you have seen, minimalist kitchens are pure quality of life and offer endless possibilities to adapt to your preferences and the needs of all household members. How do you now imagine your new minimalist kitchen?