bathroom designs
bathroom designs

Until relatively recently, the idea of ​​having a bedroom with an attached bathroom seemed reserved for hotel rooms. The way of living our homes has changed and, now more than ever, we seek comfort within it at all times. That is why the new deco trends reach every corner. 

We want to get the most out of our house by creating open spaces that communicate with each other, which offers us total freedom of movement and a greater feeling of spaciousness and light. Hand in hand with this maxim, comes an already consolidated trend such as the integration between living room, dining room and kitchen. Today this trend is also moving to another room, giving rise to what we know as ‘en suite’ bedrooms.  

It is not, far from it, an exclusive solution for large homes. Interior designers know how to adapt it to smaller floors , in which space is gained by eliminating part of the walls that separate both rooms. 

Our Reforms and Interior Design team throw us 4 ideas to inspire you. If you are thinking of remodeling your home, do not hesitate to contact us Our experts will make all those ideas to integrate the bathroom into the bedroom a reality. 

Why choose an integrated bathroom in the bedroom?

We have already revealed some of the reasons why integrating the bathroom and bedroom in a single room can be a great option, but it is worth delving a little deeper into those whys .

  • Light and spaciousness. By uniting both rooms, the space will be more open and the bathroom will receive natural light. All this invites us to spend more time in this combined area, to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves. In fact, it is common for bathtubs to be installed in open bathrooms to enjoy relaxing baths. Many interior designers opt for “island bathtubs” as protagonists of the space, this achieves a careful aesthetic effect.
  • Comfort. By communicating the bathroom and bedroom (and in some cases also the dressing room), the morning routine becomes much more agile and fluid. In a single space it is possible to shower, dress and, in short, be prepared to face the day. In addition, with this integration you can gain a private space, very pleasant for parents, away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Style. The integration of spaces is a trend in vogue, capable of modernizing the appearance of your home. Some of our favorite choices to score points in the aesthetics of this en-suite bathroom are: the combination of different tiles and flooring; and, take care of the models of sinks and taps to put the finishing touch. 

 Once you’ve got to work, it’s time to take the opportunity to update the decoration of the bedroom , with some simple details such as the location of the mirrors or new textiles, you will get a magazine house. Keep reading and discover the design ideas of our team of specialists. We give you some interesting and current solutions to achieve that dreamed bedroom with an integrated bathroom .  

 En-suite bedroom with glass walls

 The glass walls manage to get the most out of the space. They give us the diaphanous environment that we want and we manage to avoid large walls and doors. But, above all, it is one of the options that will best take advantage of natural light, which will spread to all corners of the room.
When we separate the toilet and the bedroom with a glass wall , the bathroom is isolated and we restrict the passage of humidity, while, at the same time, everything is visually integrated with the rest area.
If, even so, we want more privacy and functionality, we invite you to close off the toilet area with a small wall or partition. Thus, the shower, the bathtub and the sink are the elements that would be visible. 

Wall as a separator at the head

Another solution also widely used by our interior designers when proposing a bedroom with an integrated bathroom is to separate both parts with a wall that acts as a headboard for the bed. It is an intelligent option, in which we dispense with partitions to install that wall at half height with a double function.

This wall achieves a separation of both areas, since it acts on the one hand as a headboard for the bed and, on the other, as the support for the sinks or the bathtub. In this way, there is a more open space in which we make better use of natural light, which passes directly into the bathroom through what was previously a wall up to the ceiling. A pleasure for the senses.

Your bathroom in two parts inside the bedroom

This concept generates supporters and detractors in equal parts. It is one of the options with which we will gain greater breadth.  

On the one hand, we bring the bathroom elements that may be more practical closer to the rest area. For example, an elegant sink with a mirror or a bathtub to enjoy moments of relaxation.

On the other hand, the toilet and shower area would be separated, in a space where you can find more privacy behind a wall with a door.

For a full visual integration, we make both areas share the same type of floor . For the opposite effect, we choose different floors that define the spaces, such as tiles in the bathroom and parquet in the rest area. 

Total integration thanks to the double height

In some designs we can see how the bathroom is completely open to the bedroom, making the most of the space by dispensing with the wall and the door. A step on the ground would be more than enough to recognize the bathing area and the rest area. Thus, both parts are integrated, but visually separated .

The Reforms and Interior Design team recommends this type of bedroom with an open bathroom in homes where lack of space can be a problem. About 2 square meters of useful space can be gained with this completely open space. Although, it is usually a more recommended idea for a bathroom for individual use than for a shared one. 

After seeing all these options, would you dare to change to a bedroom with an open bathroom ? What do you think of this new trend for the home?