How to fix a leak in the roof
How to fix a leak in the roof

During the rainy season it is very common that, if you did not waterproof in time , the water stagnates on your roof and generates humidity, leaks and leaks. If you are suffering from this in your home, we tell you how to cover emergency leaks.

What is the best way to plug a leak?

To repair leaks from the inside you must follow these steps:

1. Locate the leak

You may have noticed moisture on a wall or ceiling, but the exact point of the leak could be hard to find, especially if your surface is white. One of the ways to locate it from the inside is by passing a lamp directly over the wet surface. Water is a great reflector of light, so the exact point where the leak passes through will shine much brighter.

Locate the leak
Locate the leak

2. Clean the surface

Make sure the drip has dried. Clean the area well, especially if mold has grown on the surface. Afterwards, dry the area well to start repairing it, otherwise, the materials you use will not be 100% effective.

3. Prepare the sealer

Prepare the sealer
Prepare the sealer


Make a mixture to seal or cover the cracks where the leak arises. Dilute one liter of acrylic sealer with one liter of water and apply it to the area evenly with the help of a spatula. Let dry, the time will depend on the thickness of the layer you applied. If necessary, apply another layer in a few hours.

The good thing about this mixture is that the UMBRELLA® acrylic sealer is capable of penetrating cracks and sealing them deeply, therefore, it is also what we recommend before waterproofing.

Consequences of not fixing leaks

Not repairing a leak in time can damage the structure of your roof and walls , producing greater damage, since water leaks are very abrasive. Even if the problem progresses far enough and the concrete is weakened, the roof can fall due to a leak.

Some damage that can be generated are:

  • Appearance of fungi and bacteria harmful to health.
  • Damage to furniture and other valuables.
  • Landslides.
  • Risk situations if the leaks are close to electrical devices.
  • Health problems such as skin rashes, bronchitis, asthma, etc.

Waterproofing, the definitive solution against leaks

Although the solutions that we mentioned will help you to repair leaks in the concrete roof, the best thing will always be prevention. For this, it is important that you waterproof your roof before the rainy season.