Real Estate App
Real Estate App

Undoubtedly, the modern world is predominated by mobile applications. Real estate mobile apps like magic bricks are a great example of rental and home searching apps. It also helps people rent, buy, and sell their properties, apart from magic bricks, several other real estate mobile apps like nest away, 99acres, No broker, and many more. There are several types of real estate apps that are trying to survive in the market.

Most real estate mobile app development and real estate mobile app designs are the same and function the same way. Therefore, while studying these apps, understanding one application can provide ideas and about the others. In today’s world, if you wish to market your real estate app development. Then you would require to break away from public web pages and build your real estate mobile application.

While we consider developing real estate mobile apps, the first and foremost question that strikes the mind is how much real estate mobile app development costs? As various problems have been solved with the real estate app development. As earlier, customers had to visit several sites to get exact details and images of the property they are searching for. This process would consume a lot of their time, which is tiresome and includes various difficulties. On the other hand, the real estate mobile app makes the job easy and feasible as the research and study found out that about 55% of the customers are searching for online properties for great deals.

Hence if you wish to know how much real estate mobile app development would cost? And if you wish to smell the success of real estate apps like Magic bricks. Thus by the end of this article, you will grab insights into real estate app development and its cost. Building a real estate mobile app can be time consuming. So it would be best if you hire a mobile application development agency as they are skilled experts who would effectively build your app and charge a feasible amount for building such applications.

Benefits of Real Estate Mobile App

Here are some listed benefits of real estate mobile app:

  • The company can have several listings in a wide area in an attractive manner.
  • There has been a wide reach of the target audience for your business. So now you can reach both international and local customers.
  • You can also have full control over what your customers would get access to. As you can send regular notifications and alerts about the properties that they will be interested in. It will help you be the first agent to strike the place before getting noticed by others.
  • It will also help you to engage more and more customers and will have a high conversion rate.
  • The geolocation feature will be a great help to customers to find exact locations.
  • These real estate mobile apps help you to connect with your customers all the time.

Suppose you are quite serious about developing your brand in the real estate business. Then building a real estate mobile app is a great way to begin. As all other modes of advertising like newspapers, TV, billboards, pamphlets and many more can be a bit expensive.

After spending so much money, there is no guarantee of getting noticed by your target audience. But the real estate mobile app would be a great help for you and your customers. So now, let’s discuss the top basic features of real estate app development. An app with all must-have features will succeed and yield good revenue for your business.

Basic Features that Will Affect the Cost to Build Real Estate Mobile App

Here are some basic features that will affect the cost of real estate mobile app development. In addition to the features, the location of your development team and hours spent on developing applications also affects cost. Depending on the hours, features and developer’s location, we can estimate how much it would cost to develop a real estate mobile app.

  • 3D View Properties: Providing a 3D view of properties is a great feature to offer to your users. As it is attractive and at the same time they can have a look at the entire property. With comfort in their home at their preferred time.
  • Calendar: This feature will provide you with the right idea about when users will get certain plantations. Further, it will also help you to compare increase and decrease in prices.
  • Map: The feature of an integrated map will help users to find their property locations easily and effectively.
  • Details of Real Estate Agents: The users will get easy access to the details of real estate agents. Then it would be easy for users to contact and approach the agents.
  • Contact or Approach Via Message/Email: Users must always have an option to contact the agent for each query through mail or SMS.
  • Forums: You should integrate forums where customers can discuss property with brokers and other customers.
  • Image: The real estate mobile app design must have an image gallery for all the properties in that application.
  • Customer Support: The admin will get access to this feature to help their customers answer their questions about anything.
  • Social sharing: Users can share the property bought/sold/rented on their social media accounts.

Advanced Features that Would Affect the Cost of Real Estate Mobile App

Here are some advanced features in your real estate mobile app. Integrating these features will help you to get an edge over your competitors.

  • Loan Calculator
  • Real-time Message
  • Search, filter and sort
  • Trending properties
  • Collection
  • Advanced search
  • Property details
  • Integrating Geolocation Tagging
  • Heat Map
  • Mail reminders
  • Lead management software
  • Favourite and many more

Cost to Develop a Real Estate Mobile Application

Several factors affect the cost of real estate mobile app development. These factors are as follows:

  • Business Model
  • Developer
  • Functionality and features
  • App Size
  • App Development Platform
  • Real Estate Mobile App Design

Here is an average estimated budget for your real estate mobile app:

A real estate app development with basic features can cost you upto $10,000. Further, an app with advanced features can cost upto $30,000, and if some extra functionalities are integrated, it could cost you upto $50,000 or even more.


The development of real estate mobile apps can make sure that you can connect better with your customers. The development of real estate mobile apps will help users to streamline some of the properties that their agent could show them. There is a lot to invest, but it also ensures to help you get it back by engaging more and more customers. Make sure that before you begin with real estate mobile app development, you do proper research. Hire a top mobile application development agency as they would be a great help in this process.

Hope this article helped you to get an estimated cost for your real estate app development. Do let us know in the comment section if we have missed out on something. Also, share your reviews on how this blog helped you.