heat pump installation
heat pump installation

Benefits of Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance Done by the Pros

Heat pumps perform best when properly maintained and cleaned regularly, as a dirty pump wastes energy, reduces performance, and increases repair costs. Filters must be maintained regularly, since clogged filters restrict airflow and reduce system efficiency – but everything from its installation to its repair and cleaning should be considered when getting it done by the pros.


Heat pumps are devices which transfer warmth between locations through electric current rather than burning fuel like traditional furnaces. Their basic function is to extract warmth from outdoor sources during winter and move it indoors; then in summer reverse.

As with any major investment, you want to ensure your pump lasts as long as possible and operates efficiently. That’s why regular maintenance visits should be scheduled twice annually with Enginair Air & Refrigeration or another HVAC technician. At these visits they can address small problems before they escalate further and help save energy costs in the process.

At the core of regular maintenance is inspecting your unit to make sure everything works as it should be, such as checking ductwork for leaks or any other potential problems. Professionals will make sure the system is sized appropriately to your needs, including tightening electrical terminals and switches correctly as well.

Other tasks performed by technicians may include cleaning the pump, inspecting refrigerant levels and pressures, adjusting thermostat settings as necessary, flushing drain and condensate pans to clear away clogs, as well as testing compressor and blower motors to ensure they’re drawing adequate power while still operating safely.


Heat pump technicians perform regular maintenance by inspecting its motor, compressor, fans and other electrical components – including tightening any loose terminals and cleaning coils and filters to ensure optimal performance. In addition, the technician will check ductwork for obstructions or leaks that might be creating discomfort issues for users.

Whenever your pump makes rattling or grinding noises, it should be immediately shut off and serviced by an authorized service technician. Such noises could indicate worn bearings within your pump that require replacing immediately.

Your pump features two coils–one outside and another inside your home–for energy transfer and both heating and cooling purposes. As these coils are constantly exposed to the elements, they tend to become dirty over time. Without regular professional maintenance services in place to keep these coils clean, your system could struggle to produce sufficient amounts of hot or cold air. To keep these coils looking their best and operate optimally.

Heat pumps that fail to produce sufficient warmth can be both inconvenient and wasteful of energy, so before calling a repair service it’s wise to first check that the thermostat is set appropriately for each season and that the system has power. A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse could also be at play here – to confirm this easily just check both breakers protecting the air handler and condenser separately.

There is also the possibility that your reversing valve was improperly installed or damaged, leading to poor performance and ineffective flow direction. A certified technician can replace this part for approximately $150 and also ensure your thermostat and heat pump are working together effectively to turn on and off at appropriate times.


Heat pumps require regular maintenance in order to function at their best and consume less energy (source: https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/operating-and-maintaining-your-heat-pump) potentially leading to lower utility bills and repair costs over time. A well-maintained system also means less repair expenses down the line.

When your heat pump isn’t heating or cooling efficiently, it may be time to contact a licensed professional for regular maintenance. A technician from Enginair will clean and tighten electrical terminals before inspecting both evaporator coils for damage or corrosion before checking refrigerant levels to make sure they’re within acceptable parameters. If you’re interested in more of their services, visit them below:

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Evaporator and condenser coils must remain clear of debris to maximize airflow, with any dirt accumulation restricting flow in certain rooms, making some warmer or cooler than others. A technician can test your thermostat to make sure it communicates with the heat pump correctly, as well as make sure all settings are in order.

As part of routine maintenance, your technician will check for signs that your heat pump is using excessive energy, such as higher energy bills or loud fan noise. In many instances, this issue is caused by dirty or damaged air filters limiting airflow into certain rooms; replacing these filters and testing your thermostat again are the solutions to identify this issue.