Benefits of buying a used home 

1. The price. As well as the vast majority of assets, used homes have a differential value compared to new ones, in addition, there is the case in which you can acquire a property with more footage, an excellent location and with better characteristics than when investing in a new home. Keep in mind that the price per square meter in many cases is cheaper than that of a new home.
2. Savings. By buying a used home at a lower price, you may have a capital that will allow you to adapt the property to your liking and subject to your needs.
3. Immediate delivery. It is one of the main characteristics of used housing, you will be able to dispose of the property immediately or, failing that, you will only have to wait a few days or weeks while the purchase procedures are carried out, this will generate financial relief in terms of rental fees. lease.
4. Urbanized areas. Generally, this type of housing is located in an already consolidated urban area, this means that in the sector there is already an urban development with access roads, public transport, adequate public services, commercial areas, shopping centers, among others, this will generate a valuation of the property and in the future the sale will be easier.

Disadvantages of investing in used real estate 

1. Remodeling. It is normal that used housing needs certain rental arrangements, adaptation of some spaces and the change of materials or finishes to make it more modern, the important thing is to determine how much money it could cost you and if it is worth acquiring the property.

2. Construction time. It is an important issue when making a decision, as there is a greater supply of used properties, you can find homes that have been built for certain years and therefore have suffered a normal deterioration in their structure over time. Analyze this issue well before investing your money.
3. Investigate about the property. Before buying it is necessary to know the legal status; You must take the necessary time to verify if the property has debts in public services and taxes, and if it does not have mortgages or legal impediments to be acquired.
4. Beware of scams. Many people take advantage of the ignorance that they have when buying a used home and it is where they act to scam and steal your money, which is why turning to an expert such as real estate agents will always be a good idea, they have at their disposal all the knowledge of the sector and you will have the certainty of what you are buying, yes, it will generate an extra expense, but it will avoid future problems with your new property.