Retaining Wall

Pillars have been around for a long time. These vertical elements were originally meant to support a building’s structure and hold the roof’s weight. But over time, they also started being used as decorations to buildings and homes.

Having pillars in a building gave off the impression that it is high-class and respectable. This is why most major structures in cities and towns had pillars at their forefront.

Pillars are made of different materials such as natural stone, brick, concrete, and wood. They can be built as standalone structures or attached to other elements.

Here are some of the benefits of using natural stone pillars for your retaining wall design.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Pillars

Nowadays, pillars are used in both outdoor and indoor settings. Modern pillars are also now used for holding up a building’s structure and beautifying spaces.

Natural stone pillars are the best option, especially for retaining wall systems. They are sturdier and more durable than other materials. Plus, the overall finish of natural stone gives any landscape an eye-catching and timeless charm.

Natural stone pillars are a good investment as they add to the value of your home. Let’s look more closely into its benefits.

Embellish Your Retaining Wall System

Retaining walls, especially single tall walls, have the tendency to look flat. To break your wall’s flatness and give it some character, pillars are the way to go.

With natural stone’s various finishes, they can give any home a classic and luxurious feel. Why settle with a plain retaining wall when you can add pillars to your design and increase the value of your home?

Pillars Have a Purpose

Natural stone pillars aren’t there just for the aesthetics. Installing these will give your retaining wall system more stability and durability.

Pillars can be incorporated into your wall design to mark the entrance to your property. They can also double as light posts.

Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

The elegance and timelessness of natural stone pillars are sure to catch the attention of anyone passing by.

When used with other complementing elements, stone pillars can bind your landscape design together and make your home stand out.

Easy to Install and Affordable

The best thing about natural stone pillars is that they’re affordable. Natural stone is one of the cheapest materials you can use for a pillar.

It’s also easy to install and doesn’t take much time. Even beginners could put up natural stone pillars as part of their retaining walls.

Complete Your Retaining Wall Aesthetic with Stone Pillars

Natural stone pillars are not only decorative but also practical. Adding these to your retaining wall lets you hit two birds with one stone—provide more stability to your structure and give it character.

While there are other materials you can use for pillars, natural stone is the best because:

  • It adds aesthetic value to your landscape. Natural stone’s classic and luxurious finish makes your home look more inviting and put-together.
  • It serves as a stabilizing element for your retaining walls to make them last longer. It can also double as an entrance marker or a light post.
  • It adds to your curb appeal. With careful planning, pillars can be a statement piece for your landscape.
  • It is one of the cheapest options for a pillar. It also doesn’t take much time to install, unlike other materials.