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Being a real estate agent is much more than showing homes and trying to sell them. It is a profession that needs passion, charisma and empathy; Well, he will be the one who opens the door to a new life for his clients. Social skills can make you a true specialist in the sector.

Today there is an increasingly competitive market , so we are going to give you some keys so that you understand this profession. If you want to know more , contact us and we will be happy to help and advise you . Now, take note and consider a future as a real estate agent.

What is a real estate agent

real estate agent is a professional who acts as a mediator between those who want to sell or rent their property and those who want to buy or rent it.

Later we will analyze the main functions in depth, but the first objective of a real estate agent is to study the options : both the buyers or renters that may be interested in a home, as well as the possible homes that interest those who are looking to move.

In addition, the real estate agent will be responsible for the purchase-sale procedures being carried out quickly and in the best conditions, favoring both parties .

How to become a real estate agent

You may never have considered the option of becoming a real estate agent, but it can be a very interesting job opportunity .

The real estate market has some peculiar characteristics that differ a little in its techniques from other sales specialties. It is no longer about showing apartments in large volume, but about selecting the best homes and the best candidates to match them correctly.

Therefore, you will have to work on your social, business and negotiation skills . You must have an open, versatile and multifaceted character; since you will have to be a guide for both the seller and the buyer.

As you can imagine, you must have a great business spirit and a true passion for sales. This must be complemented not only with sales techniques, but also with knowledge about online marketing or the management of social networks and database management. It will be essential for the day to day of a real estate agent.

Finally, it is important to maintain perseverance and be aware of market trends in order to detect possible opportunities and thus help your clients. In First Group we are always up to date with new laws, changes or adaptations, on the legislation related to the real estate sector.

Real estate agent functions

Connect buyer and owner

The main role of a real estate agent is to listen to their clients and connect them . You must listen to their needs, understand why they want to take the step of buying, selling or renting, and study the options. Of course, you must always be transparent, being faithful to both parties to the contract in order to successfully close a sale or rental.

As we say, you should not only show different properties, but also plan and study the contracts to guide your clients in the right direction. The important thing is that they have all the information, that they don’t feel cheated in a market that has gone through serious crises of credibility.

Organize visits to real estate

Sometimes you will come across sellers who do not understand the importance of preparing their home before it is listed for sale. It’s not just about picking up the junk or taking some eye-catching photos. Home staging may even require some investment in painting or remodeling . The difference in the final price can be several thousand euros.

On the buyer’s side, as a real estate agent, you will also have to filter the possible candidates . At First Group we carefully analyze the profile of each request based on your interests and needs. And we help in the search for the ideal property. Without wasting the customer’s time.

Attract the attention of buyers

Finally, we can recommend that you work on doing your job with perseverance and passion . This, added to a quality and personalized service, will be what brings you more and more clients.