cleanliness at home
cleanliness at home

Maintaining order and cleanliness at home is a complicated and tedious task for many people, who see things gradually piling up on tables, sofas, beds, etc. without even realizing it. If we neglect the small details on a day-to-day basis, these accumulate and at the end of the week the disorder that we can find ourselves without realizing it can be considerable .

Maintaining order and cleanliness at home is not a boring task if we know how to make it part of our daily routine, turning this moment into a healthy habit. It is better to dedicate a few minutes of our daily routine to clean and tidy our house quickly, than to spend a whole day cleaning the house thoroughly.

The professionals of the Constructive Solutions team are experts in reforms and interior design and an accredited voice to give us some small tips that work. Recommendations and tricks that we can carry out every day to maintain order and not accumulate household chores, regardless of the time we have to spend away from home working. 

We assure you that only by carrying out these gestures when you get home you will be able to save a lot of work during weekly cleaning and organization . If you are thinking of selling or renting a home, you should have many of these ideas fully internalized, as they will help you in your purpose. In any case, we invite you to take note. 

Basic tips to maintain order and cleanliness at home

There are countless good tips so that things without ordering in our house do not accumulate , let’s see below some of the most important:

A place to keep the keys

It is convenient to always have a place at the entrance of the house to leave the keys and empty the pockets , also leaving in this place the things that we cannot forget every time we leave the house. A small tray to put everything on, or a closed drawer, is more than enough.

Also, if we usually carry a bag, we can look for a small piece of furniture or coat rack to hang it up as soon as we get home, and not just leave it lying around in any corner. By leaving our things at the entrance, and always in the same place, we make sure that when we have to go out we will not forget anything important and we will not go crazy looking for the keys because we never know where we left them. 

take off our shoes at the door

Dirt enters the house when we walk around it with the shoes with which we have just arrived from the street. Above all, if it has rained, the sole will be stained and wet, and in the end we will end up leaving the entire floor in the same condition. Therefore, when we get home, it is convenient to leave your shoes at the door , and walk barefoot or with house slippers. But you don’t have to leave your shoes anywhere in the entrance. Better in a small shoe rack so that everything is collected, and that can also be used to leave the shoes of the visitors. 

Store jackets and coats

Another way to maintain order when you get home is to allocate an appropriate place for coats and jackets . Those clothes that we tend to quickly leave on top of an armchair, on any coat rack or poorly placed in the closet, it is better to always keep them in their place so that they are located when we want to use them again. Coat cabinets at the entrance are very useful for maintaining order at home, and even more so if they are closed so that nothing is visible.

Store jackets and coats

Order the purchase

A gesture that conditions order a lot is to place the purchase in its place as soon as you get home . In this way, everything in our kitchen will be in its place and easier to find when we need it. Better even if it is inside closed furniture so that it is not visible or that it is visually beautiful if it is an open piece of furniture. 

Prepare things for the next day

It is useless that at night when we get home we are organized if in the morning we have to run out of the house and in the rush we leave everything in the middle. To solve this we must organize all the preparations for the next day the night before. This way we save time in the morning and there is no excuse for everything not to be in its place when we finish and go out the door. It is important to prepare the clothes for the next day, the bag, the children’s backpack, the food that we need to take, etc. 

Organize everything before going to sleep

Before going to bed, the best way to maintain order is to take a last look at the whole house and remove those things that have not been collected. A piece of clothing, children’s toys, dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, or the simple gesture of placing the books and the television remote control in the appropriate place.  

Ventilate the house for 10 minutes

It is important that we get used to opening the windows of our bedroom as soon as we get out of bed and leaving them open while we take the opportunity to do other tasks such as having breakfast, showering or getting dressed. By ventilating the house we renew the air inside and help the house smell clean for longer. 

Clean the screen after the shower

Above all, in areas with hard water, this cleaning trick is very important to save us from removing embedded lime in the future. After each shower we will pass the cloth through the screen and the taps. and the bathroom will be like new. 

Leave the bed made before going out

A made bed is essential to maintain order and cleanliness at home , since it gives another feeling when you get home from work, and it is a task that will not take more than five minutes.  

Check the fridge from time to time

Almost without realizing it, dirt accumulates inside the fridge day by day. For this reason, it is convenient to clean what is getting dirty at the moment and check all the products that are in poor condition or expired.  

Do the dishes after every meal

There is nothing that gives a more sense of neglect and lack of cleanliness and order in a house than finding a kitchen with a pile of accumulated unwashed dishes. We must think that the more they accumulate, the more time we are going to have to dedicate to them. For this reason , plates, glasses, cutlery, etc., must be cleaned or placed in the dishwasher just after each meal.

Do not accumulate used clothing

We should not throw our clothes on the floor when we get home or leave them on the bed or an armchair or chair, since sooner or later we will have to spend time picking them up. We must place it directly in the closet if it is clean or throw it in the washing machine if it is dirty.  

Leave the heaviest tasks done before going to sleep

Another trick to maintain order and cleanliness at home is to leave many of the heaviest tasks done at night before going to sleep. Performing these tasks at the end of the day helps us clear our minds to improve the quality of sleep.

Object that is not used object that is collected

We must not leave objects that we are not using in the middle . If we take them out to use them, once this is done, we must return them to the place where they were. 

Do not wait to see the dirty floor to clean it

In this way, dirt will not accumulate and we will avoid a large number of thorough cleanings. 

Taking these tips to maintain order and cleanliness at home will not take more than a few minutes. An orderly home is synonymous with harmony and well-being . The most important thing is that we integrate these little tricks or tips into our daily routines . In this way we can actively fight against clutter and get rid of it, preventing it from returning to our home. It is the duty of all the people who live in a house to keep each of the rooms in good condition. In this way, coexistence will be much simpler and more rewarding.