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Tips and Tricks for Using Tiles to Improve Small Spaces How to use tiles to improve small spaces

Often in the big cities it happens that we have smaller spaces available in our house which becomes a challenge in choosing the right decor for the space. Whenever small spaces are mentioned, people think tiles can not be installed, however that’s not true. 

It is high time to change the perception of small spaces having limited tiles options available because this is not true. If you go with a leading and highly reliable brand such as H&R Johnson you will find a plethora of tiles options available to be installed in the small spaces. 

Here are some of the suggestions for you to consider while selecting tiles for a smaller space.

Tips to Follow

  • Right size of tiles

For a smaller space, pick the right size of the tiles and you can easily accentuate the ambience of your place. This will help you shortlist your wide range of options and make the process simpler. 

If you install large tiles in the smaller spaces such as kitchens or bathrooms, it will have fewer grout lines hence, creating an illusion of more available space. Also these large size tiles are available in different, unique designs that can take the attention away from small space.

  • Finish of tiles matters

Pick the right finish of tiles to make your space appear bigger. Using glossy or marble/polished tiles will reflect the light from the tiles hence creating an illusion of having bigger available space. This will also make the place appear more attractive, breathable, and open. 

Hence, it is recommended to use shiny walls for smaller spaces as it makes the place appear open and breathable. 

  • Pick the right theme

Choose an overall theme for your place that is suitable for a smaller space. This theme should not be containing too many elements to crowd the place, instead it should be a minimalistic theme to keep the area open. 

These overall themes will help you set the mood of your entire place and create a positive, open, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. 

  • Incorporate enough light 

While designing your space, make sure you have a suitable light source which will provide your space with enough light to make it appear bright. As having a dark place will automatically make it appear smaller and hence, make the place appear cluttered. 

  • Seamless wall and floor transitions 

Make sure there are not too many breaks or barriers between floor and walls. Adding too many elements will bring the focus on the smaller available space. Create a transition by incorporating a monochromatic theme, this was the transition between floor and walls is not there hence, making the place appear even and bigger. 

Now that we have established a few tips that can help you make your space appear bigger, let’s have a look at some of the trending designs that you can incorporate in your small space and make it appear bigger. 

Trends to follow

  • Vertical designs 

If you have a small bathroom or kitchen you can add some vertical design tiles to make the attention shift on the length of your space rather than width. For this you can pick any theme or designs in tiles and install them in a vertical manner. 

If you wish to experiment you can add wooden texture tiles in a vertical manner and make the attention shift to the height of the place. If not, then you can also add white and black alternating tiles that can further enhance the look of your space and add an elegant touch to the space. 

  • Neutral color palette 

Pick tiles from a neutral color palette will help your place appear organized, calm, and breathable. This will also help to make it appear open and uncluttered, which can make the space appear bigger than it is. This idea can be installed either in the bathroom, kitchen or your living room or even bedroom. 

Also, this is an evergreen trend that never fades away and will also be in trend. You can install these neutral color tiles to make the space appear more relaxed. 

  • Mosaic tiles 

Adding mosaic tiles will shift the attention towards the pattern on the tiles rather than the space, hence making your space appear bigger. Also mosaic tiles offer a warm and welcoming feeling that fills your space with a positive environment and creates a home-like feeling. 

  • Glossy tiles

Another trend is to add glossy tiles to the walls of your small space. These glossy tiles will reflect the light and make the space appear bigger. This optical illusion will allow the space to appear more open and breathable than it is. 

Further, these glossy tiles will be the centre of attention due to the shiny and glossy space, and the attention will shift on the shiny tiles rather than the small available space. You can also experiment and add these glossy tiles to the kitchen and make a positive impression there as well. 

  • Monochromatic theme 

Another trend to try here is to create a monochromatic theme and install similar tiles on the floor and walls. This will help you to remove any partitions between the wall and floor and the palace will appear even. 

For this you can either install cemented tiles, or add white or any other neutral shade tiles. You can also experiment with wooden texture tiles from the H&R Johnson collection of tiles. 

H&R Johnson and Tiles for Smaller Space

H&R Johnson is one of the best and leading tile manufacturers in the country and has been serving the industry for over sixty years. The tiles offered here are highly durable and of high quality. Further, here you can find tiles for each and every corner of your space irrespective of size, shape, and designs. 

The wide range of designs available here will suit all your needs and offer your place the look that you want. Also you can visit the experience centres if you wish to witness the high quality and wide range of products here at H&R Johnson

These experience centres are available across the country at easily accessible locations and you can also connect with the tile guide experts if you need further information and guidance.