Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink plays an important role in the kitchen from cooking preparation to cleaning chores. The kitchen sink and faucet should be mix with the overall kitchen design and must reflect your kitchen uniquely. Today we are going to be talking about what should be considered before selecting kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets.

Size of Sink

One of the most common questions we get is how do I know what size kitchen sink to get? So, to figure out what size sink I need, I would first start off by measuring the size of the kitchen sink base cabinet from side to side so once we determine the size of our kitchen sink base cabinet will be able to determine the size of our kitchen sink. So, the most common stinks size is 33 inches by 22 inches.

Style of Sink

This is the most important point to consider as every kitchen has its unique style and the kitchen sink type should go perfectly with it. There are many types of kitchen sinks are available in the market like the farmhouse kitchen sink, drainboard, double bowl, single bowl, integrated, and many more. You will need to decide what actual use you will be having through the sink. If you spend more time and the kitchen and love to wash bigger items in the kitchen itself then go for the sink that will satisfy your need.

Installation Type

Once we determine the size of our sink, we want to think about the installation type that we want their self-undermount and front one of the most common installation types is self-sinks. It doesn’t require as much kitchen remodeling or renovation.

You could be replacing a current kitchen sink or you could be just cutting a hole into a laminate top and drop it in it a self-seen. When you have self-succulents also think about the number of holes needed for the faucet type that you selected. It could be a three-hole sink or whole sink or one hosting.

The most popular bowl configurations are single bowl extra-large medium and double equal. Another installation type is under-mount which is growing in popularity with how beautiful it looks. The ability to clean up after yourself in the kitchen and the installation types that you can choose for your kitchen faucets.

When you choose an undermount sink you want to think about countertop material so, it has to be a solid surface or quartz or granite so you could undermount within that type of countertop material.

Consider Second Sink

So, once you’ve chosen the main sink let’s also think about the secondary sinks maybe in your Island or in your butler’s pantry. After you’ve chosen your kitchen sink the next big thing is the selection of your faucet. Now there are different installation types there’s a wall mount, a bridge deck mount, a bridge with two holes, you have single-hole installations.

It so when you’re shopping for a kitchen sink you think about the style of your kitchen and how the kitchen sink is going to fit within your space. Kitchen sinks types are available in a lot of different materials from cast-iron to stainless steel to composite and all those styles can fit and find a way into the style of kitchen that you have in your home.

Although the final call is yours and you know your kitchen and your need better than anyone, but considering the above points will guide you to shop kitchen sink and faucet according to your need and style of your kitchen is.