porch ceiling ideas
porch ceiling ideas

10 Great Porch Ceiling Ideas; Make Your Guests Feel Invited

What makes up a great porch? Is it the design, the colors, the floors, or the ceiling? Well, it’s a mixture of all these things. And while most people might think that the ceiling design isn’t as important as the  floor or wall design; it is not true.

The porch ceiling is an important part of the porch. The way you design your porch tell people a lot about you. And the design and shape of a porch is rooted in the ceilings.

Most people do not pay attention to the ceiling because it blends in and helps elevate the place.

This article is going to offer great porch ceiling ideas that encompasses whatever style you want.

10 Great Porch Ceiling Ideas

While your porch might not be your first concern as you design your house; keep in mind that this is the first place that visitors see when they come to your house.

The aesthetics and design of a porch reflects a person’s personality. Also, the porch ceiling design should be in sync with the whole porch design. This idea makes your home extremely beautiful and gives it an inviting feel.

Here are some of the best porch ceiling design ideas that you should try out:

 1.  An All White Design

It is always a great idea to have your house painted in a unison color all round. Imagine your porch ceiling and your porch painted in white just as it is inside the house.

Firstly, it makes the space look extra big and with such a bright color natural lighting reflects on the walls; giving the house a calm and relaxing feel.

Also, a white colored wall and ceiling alongside a black door will be surreal.

2.  Section Your Porch Ceiling

This ceiling design gives your porch an antique look. However, it is a great way to section large porch ceilings. This design puts a spotlight on your porch ceiling making it a center of interest on the porch.

Sectioning your ceiling creates the illusion of spaces in your porch. For bigger porches, you could create three sections for; reading, entertainment, and relaxing.

The best part of it is that you can now design your porch in this manner. Lastly, there are a number of ceiling styles that could work for this design.

3. Country-Style Angle Beams

This kind of design gives your home a country charm. Also, this design is used for open air porches with narrow and elongated spaces befitting for kicking back and looking out on the yard.

4. Add A Fan

A ceiling fan doesn’t exactly say modern aesthetic, but, a ceiling fan is great if you use your porch regularly. During the hottest of seasons, you could enjoy the outdoors on your porch while the ceiling fan becomes a source of fresh air.

Also, ceiling fans work greatly with beadboard ceilings. To make things even better, you could add a light for the night time. This way you have a safe and relaxing porch.

5. Rustic Cabin Style Porch

This rustic cabin style porch is a great example of an antique cabin setting. The ceiling portrays a rustic feel with wood panels similar to that of the railing and furniture.

6. Crisp White Porch Ceiling With Great Lighting

If light and brightness describes your house’s mantra then you can extend this feel to the porch as well. This setting leaves the house with various neutral tones.

Also, with a segmented white beadboard as the porch ceiling; natural lighting becomes an added advantage. The natural lighting helps to enhance the beauty of bright colors and your porch.

7. Vibrant Colors Always Does The Trick

Its your porch, right? So there shouldn’t be any fear of experimenting with colors. You can use vibrant colors to give your porch a fun and carefree feel.

Also, when you use colors like these remember to get furniture that will match up with the design.

8. Go With A Louvred Roof System

This louvred roof system is one of the best modern porch ceiling designs. It has high tech features that makes it a great  idea for your porch ceiling.

For instance, the louvered roof system can open and close with the touch of a button. This feature allows you to cater to any weather type and requirement easily.

This porch style is great for a porch with seating and relaxing space. Also, with a ceiling that opens and closes when you want, you decide if you want to enjoy a sunny day or hide under the shade.

9. Go Crazy With The Shape

The conventional shapes of porches are square or rectangular extensions. However, you do not have to be forced into following the conventional styles set by people you don’t even know.

So what’s wrong with going unconventional with the shape of your porch.

What is wring with a nice rounded structure as a porch. Using curved panels on the ceiling to help improve the abstracts of the unusual shaped porch.

Being used to seeing straight wooden paneling on porches. A porch structure like this will leave your guests stunned.

10. Use One Ceiling To Link The Indoors The Outdoors

A great design idea is linking the indoor and outdoor of your house and creating an unaltered connection between your house and the  porch.

This will help to make your porch look bigger and also invite natural lighting inside the house.