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A Sneak Peek Into Jami Gertz House; Taking A Virtual Tour

In the state of California lies a world of luxury and opulence that you have probably never explored. Get a peek of that luxury as we give you a virtual tour of Jami Gertz’ house.

Jami Gertz known as a popular Hollywood actress has created a beautiful life on and off screen.

Through her talent and hard work she has managed to get herself a Malibu beach house. This house is a testament of sophistication.

Nothing was left untouched; from the beautiful landscape floors to the elegant interior designs.

This article will take you on a virtual tour of this luxurious mansion.

The History And Design Of The Mansion

Jami Gertz’ luxurious home is definitely one with a history and an outstanding design. The mansion was built several decades ago before Jami Gertz moved in with her family.

Furthermore, this mansion has housed a couple of other people who has also left their marks on the property. The mansion being old doesn’t distort its impeccable design.

In addition, every detail of the house and every corner is nothing short of elegant. The interior design is a mix of classic and contemporary styles; which makes it never go out of style.

Also, another exceptional feature of this house is its use of natural lighting. The large windows placed in every room of the house makes it easy for sunlight to flood the whole place.

Making it bright and airy. This thoughtful design helps to enhance the interior beauty and it also makes it cozy.

Specification Of Jami Gertz House

Luxury meets Hollywood. Jami Gertz’s house is 4016 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and four bathrooms. This is a family luxurious beach house.

Here are some of the features of this house:

The Entrance/Foyer

Spacious foyer which gives an inviting vibe. With its high ceilings and sleek polished floors; illuminated by  natural light streaming through the large windows which helps brighten up the whole place. This part of the house also has a large artwork and minimalist furniture which gives you a taste of the luxury that awaits you on the inside.

Living Spaces

Moving into the living spaces, you find yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and style. Firstly, the living room with its panoramic view of Los Angeles and a minimalist fireplace. Also the modern and comfortable couch is arranged for both conversation and relaxation. The floor to ceiling windows help create an open feel and a seamless connection with the surrounding cityscape. The living room is designed for both entertainment and leisure

The Heart Of The Home; Kitchen

The heart of the home which is the kitchen; showcases modern design and functionality. The kitchen is equipped with the trending culinary technology, sleek cabinetry, marble countertops, and an island of space left for gathering utensils and cooking. The ambient lighting and neutral color creates a warmth and inviting feeling making the kitchen a neutral ground for cooking and creating memories.

Lavish Bedroom; Master Suite

The master suite or bedroom is nothing short of personal retreat and luxury. Like most master bedrooms, there is a large bed placed as the center of attraction in the room.

The room is also surrounded by floor to ceiling windows for stunning views of the city. Also, the suite has a balcony which has a sitting area to get cozy. This is the perfect spot for unwinding after a work or stressful day.

This tour isn’t done yet. The suite also features a walk in closet where Jami showcases her impeccable design and organization skills. The master bedroom is a space for peace and luxury.

Luxurious Bathrooms

The bathrooms in Jami’s house are a mix of luxury and functionality. With features like the marble floors, dual vanity sinks, and freestanding soaking tub.

Also, with the use of elegant fixtures and soft lighting creates a spa simulated atmosphere. Much like other relaxation spots in the house, the bathroom lets out a comforting, relaxing, and tranquil vibe.

Every bathroom in the house is built with appealing aesthetics for convenience; embodying the modern luxury of the entire house.

Additional Features: Movie Theater, Gym And Spa

The movie theater, gym, and spa are not going to be left out. They are also major parts of the house. The Movie theater gives you a real cinematic experience; with an impeccable home theater which gives you the best sound experience.

In addition, there are plush seating for 10 people with the best audiovisual technology. Movie night experience will change your life forever.

The next spot on our tour is the fully equipped gym. Workouts in a gym like this is similar to a personal retreat in a five star hotel. This gym is complete with state of the art equipment and floor to ceiling windows giving you a view of the city.


Surely you have enjoyed the tour of Jami Gertz’s house. From the beautiful grand entrance to the serene environment like the suite, bathroom, and living room.

Every corner of this luxurious Malibu mansion shows a commitment to modern elegance and design.