kitchen space
kitchen space

Kitchens are one of the places that get easily disorganized in homes, possibly because they are frequently used. But it does not always have to be that way.

The basic idea behind having an organized kitchen is by keeping most items out of sight, and this is usually more difficult in kitchens with too many items. So the solution will be to get creative with your arrangement. There are a few ways you can do this; these are helpful tips for DIY kitchens.

But before you start trying out these arrangement tips, the first thing you need to do is to toss away any item this is no longer in use.

This includes damaged utensils, broken plates, food products or ingredients that are expired or stale, and pretty much anything taking undeserved space in your kitchen.

1. Use A Cutlery Tray For Your Utensils

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Utensils are common items to get disorganized, and oftentimes misplaced when they are not properly kept. So consider using a cutlery tray to store them, or alternatively, you can store them in a utensil drawer.

The latter has more compartments to occupy different types of kitchen utensils. The most important thing is to have them in a place where they are easily accessible and at the same time not take up too much open space. You could try storing knives on knife bars, this can also save you a lot of space.

2. Hand Mugs On Hooks

If you do not have as many mugs, this may not be too necessary. However, for a home with many individuals living in it, there might be a larger number of mugs to store. Rather than placing mugs on kitchen slabs, you can try hanging them on hooks.

Arranging mugs on slabs and shelves can take up space that could have been used for other items. Kitchen hooks are pretty easy to install and they do not cost much. However, before hanging your mugs on the hook, ensure that it is properly secured to the wall, you could lose a lot of mugs if all goes south.

3. Use Racks For Pots And Pans

Cabinets are most commonly used to store cooking pots and pans, but what if you do not have one? You could take advantage of the vertical space in your kitchen by installing a pot rack or pan dividers This can help store your pans and pots rather than let them take up space on your stove or shelves.

If you have a cabinet, you can install the rack for your pans while you keep the pots in the cabinet. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you want to install the rack in a spacious spot because of the dropping pans.

4. Keep Ingredients And Dried Foodstuffs In A Containers

Rather than have your cooking ingredients all over the kitchen slab, you can put them into bigger containers, this makes them look neat and organized. While doing this, keep the less frequently used ingredients below and the more common ones on top.

It is preferable to use a transparent container, plastic bins, or large glass jars for this. Alternatively, you can use a drawer spice rack, this makes it a lot easier. This type of rack is built to fit standard-size spice jars, which are most commonly what you find.

This also goes for the pantry. Store cereals, legumes, and baking ingredients in clear containers, this way you are able to see what you have in each container. Ensure that each container has an air-tight cover, to keep air, moisture, and weevils out. Also, make sure to clean out the containers regularly to keep them neat.

5. Maximize Space As Much As You Can

Utilize any little space you have. This is particularly for small kitchens. You should be ready to maximize your storage options. You can install risers to get more storage in each shelf and cabinet, this will not only help to create space but also keep items separated making it easier to assess them. When buying a cutting board, get one that fits over your sink this will allow you to use the slab for other things and as well create extra space for chopping.

6. Appliances Can Go In The Drawer

Big appliances like blenders and juice makers take up a lot of space, so think of how much space you can free up if you find alternative storage for them. A preferable way is by storing these appliances in a deep drawer.

This is usually bigger than the regular kind of kitchen drawers and is ideal for bigger appliances. However, this may not be necessary if you have a large kitchen drawer with enough space to contain the appliances.

Try Other Methods

There are several other methods to try, like installing a corkboard on the inside of your cupboard doors to hang small items. Use floating shelves for glass wares and kitchen plants. Also as much as you can try to create space in your kitchen, do the same for the fridge.

Clean out the fridge once in a while. Pack foods in smaller containers before keeping them in the fridge, and remove spoilt and expired foods as soon as you can. Likewise, empty the bin regularly; an organized kitchen looks better when clean.

Final Thoughts

When organizing your kitchen, ensure that all items are properly positioned and that they fit into where they are stored. Make sure that any suspension on the wall is firmly secured, this includes racks and dividers.

Also, after using any item be sure to return them to the previous position. Know where each item is supposed to go. Keep regularly used items at close reach, somewhere that they can be easily seen, just in case you have friends or visitors around.

This also applies to items you wish to use more often, keeping them away somewhere you can’t see them makes that difficult. The less frequent ones can be farther inside or higher on shelves.