Chill Out Area on the Terrace
Chill Out Area on the Terrace

Enjoying the terrace is almost mandatory during the summer, and the good weather invites us to spend hours away from home. That is why it is a great idea to create a Chill Out area . It is something simple, and it is enough to think that it is a place where you can feel serenity and tranquility.

Take note of these simple tips that our experts in reforms and interior design enjoy a beautiful terrace in which to relax back home. Although we cannot enjoy a complete vacation, we can take advantage of this relaxation space in our home, and give it a great style so that it is also a very decorative terrace.

Take notes and put them into practice. You will see how it is not complicated to have at home that little paradise of peace and tranquility in which to enjoy the summer to the fullest.

1. The Chill Out space on the terrace as a rest area

The relaxation terraces have in common that they are rest spaces, but within them we can add many different elements and styles. So that the environment is totally comfortable, do not forget the lighting, the fabrics or having a shaded area. we advise you to decorate the terrace with six essential pieces of furniture to decorate the terrace or the garden

Every Chill Out space on the terrace or garden must have a comfortable place where you can relax. Leaving aside the classic and uncomfortable terrace chairs, opt for a type of seat in which you feel more relaxed. For example, a good sofa and even  large cushions  that you can place on the floor or on a comfortable rug.

Choose materials that are resistant to heat and that you can have on your outdoor terrace so that they do not deteriorate with use during the summer and that way you do not have to be placing them and putting them away every time you want to use your Chill Out area.

2. Meeting area

A Chill Out terrace should offer some privacy, in case you want to take a nap or sit down to talk with some friends. If you want to have some privacy, you can place a fabric that isolates you from the cool night air and also provides a warm environment . You can have a quiet drink with your guests in an intimate space, disconnected from the world.

To give a more intimate atmosphere, it is good to use fabrics with light tones of a bohemian style or some with an Arab or oriental trend. With this decoration you will make the atmosphere more intimate and will blow your imagination and that of your friends.

Next to the rest area, or perhaps in a more secluded corner, create a suitable area to meet with your friends to  have some refreshing drinks  or even have an informal snack dinner. It will be enough to incorporate some seats that are comfortable but that allow guests to sit up and a low table to place drinks and food.

For this type of Chill Out space on the terrace, Gilmar  ‘s decoration experts  recommend choosing wooden furniture that provides a  more natural style  according to the situation. As well as fresh and resistant textiles that are easy to wash in case there is an accident and a drink is spilled on them.

Meeting area on the terrace

3. Lighting

The brain uses lighting as a reference to wake us up or relax us. Therefore, it will be essential to choose a warm, low power and soft light. Remember that this is not a work space but a relaxation space. To achieve this effect, you can use strategically placed lamps, indirect lighting or candles.

Smart lighting elements can also be used to create different environments depending on the activity to be carried out: for example, one environment for chatting and another for having a drink.

Lighting is a key element. In addition to being relaxing, we need to be illuminated if it gets dark in our meeting. But the light should not be normal, but more welcoming. To do this, we will use dim light at night, with variable intensity spotlights or with the help of candles, lanterns, chandeliers, garlands… Also, if we want to have this cozy light during the day, we can dim the sunlight with awnings, curtains , bamboo ceilings, etc.

4. Cooling

In all the terraces we will need shaded areas for the central hours of the day, since being in the sun is neither healthy nor pleasant. That is why we propose pergolas in which you can add vines to provide more shade. This gives everything a more relaxed look, since it seems to be in the middle of nature, and adds color to the whole, especially if pretty and colorful flowers are chosen.

And, if you are going to use this space during the day, as a solarium  and get a nice natural tan, it is worth including a good cooling system to help you combat high temperatures.

If you are going to use it a lot, it is worth investing time in the installation of a  misting system  to cool the environment during the hottest days.

5. Flower arrangements

If we want to decorate our terrace with flower arrangements, it is important to take into account the orientation of the terrace, as well as the amount and duration of sunlight to which the flowers will be exposed. As you know, not all plants can withstand the same amount of sun, others cannot get direct sun, etc. Therefore, we will do different crops.

To achieve a relaxed and much cooler atmosphere on your summer terrace,  natural plants  are essential. It is not necessary that you recreate a garden on your terrace, but you will greatly appreciate the company of some other green plant to more easily find that serenity you are looking for in what will become your favorite space in the house.

Large  plants  and medium-sized trees are ideal for getting a bit of natural shade, achieving a small oasis on your terrace within the hustle and bustle of the city.

terrace with flowers

6. Chill out accessories: Music

Sound also plays an important role in the relaxation environment. I advise you to use background music that you can regulate according to the moment. If you choose music with lyrics and you are looking for the ideal volume, I advise you to always follow this rule: the melody should be heard, but the lyrics should not be understood. Choose calm and relaxing rhythms. Like classical music, blues, Paco de Lucía’s guitar or “Nights in White Satin”.

And, of course, no Chill Out space in a garden or terrace at home is completely complete if it is not accompanied by relaxing music. Place some speakers  in your rest space to listen to your favorite songs, better if they are portable to be able to transport them to the meeting area when you have guests.

As you can see, creating a relaxation area or Chill Out space on the terrace is very simple and is very enjoyable during the summer season even when we haven’t gone on vacation yet.