How Can You Easily Remove A Skirting Board

Skirting Board
Skirting Board

Kickboards commonly known as skirting boards are an important aspect of interior design. They help enhance the beauty of your home and help in protecting walls from abrasion and patches from our daily activities in our homes. Now, there comes a time you would want to remove the kickboards for distinct reasons known to you, question is how do you go about the removal process? Well, it is super easy to remove the boards however there are several important considerations you need to know before starting. The main aim when removing skirting board is to ensure that no harm is caused to the wall plasterwork especially if you want to keep the existing flooring.

Is It A Necessity To Remove The Kickboards?

Several determining factors may lead to the removal of kickboards. The boards are designed to handle different wear and tear however, eventually; they get worn out or become tired and end up requiring replacement. Also, another reason could be you want to redecorate, and you feel that some things in the house need to be replaced like skirt boards. Another reason people remove their already installed kickboards is for the need to update the style to modern styles or other styles.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Removing Skirting Boards

Like any other job, there are some basic requirements to help achieve the final goal. In this case, several tools are required to help remove the kickboards depending on your preferred mode of removal. Some of the tools required include a crowbar, chisel, and spare piece of wood, claw hammer, pliers, and a Stanley knife. Now even before you start using these tools ensure that there are no obstructions in your working area. Some of the obstructions include cables. Ensure you remove all the unwanted materials in the area and store them carefully or place them in a safe space.

Loosen the Sealant or Caulking 

Sealants or caulks are usually waterproof, and they are used for finishing purposes. Using a knife, carefully run it along the existing seal that is between the wall and the kickboards. If you have not planned to redecorate your walls or home after removing the kickboards, then ensure to be extra careful to prevent damaging the existing décor or pulling any paper or paint off the walls as you remove the sealant.

Gently Remove the Kickboards 

Depending on the mode of installation of the kickboards you will need to approach each mode differently. If nails were used, then ensure to remove them carefully using your chisel and hammer to loosen them from the wall. Then take your crowbar to remove the boards bizarre that are if the hammer and chisel are not enough to finish the job. Now, remember the wood piece we said was a requirement? If you want to avoid causing wall damage place the wood piece between the wall and the crowbar before you remove the kickboard from the wall. Additionally, you can use this process to remove the remaining glue or nails completely from the wall.

In conclusion, removing skirting board is done for different reasons depending on the homeowner’s needs. However, there is a need to carefully remove the skirting boards to avoid causing more harm to the walls, paint, and flooring. Follow the tips to ensure your removal process is easy.