Exploring The Uniqueness Of Ethan Klein’s House

Finding the perfect house for you and your family to call home is a dream that most people have. A house that suits your status, a place where you feel relaxed; a place where you are comfortable.

This is definitely how the popular YouTuber, Ethan Klein feels in his 9 million dollars modern farm house which he built in Los Angeles. The Klein’s built a place where they can call home.

Ethan Klein, being such a famous person shook the world with his world renowned modern farm house which he built from scratch. The house is a reflection of what he represents and how his family loves to live.

This article will be your free pass to exploring the Klein’s residence. We will talk about it’s origin, the decorations, and  all it’s features.

Obviously, it took a lot of time and care to create such a place and make it suitable for his family. We are providing you with the opportunity to understand how this house reflects the Klein’s personal life and the rise to fame.

Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein is an American YouTuber who rose to fame as one of the popular comedy duo on H3H3 production YouTube channel. With this channel becoming an internet sensation; Ethan Klein and his partner who is also his wife, Hila Klein rose quickly to fame.

Currently, H3H3 production YouTube channel has almost 6 million subscribers on YouTube. They also own a channel known as h3 podcast on YouTube with almost 3 million subscribers.

The content on h3h3 production is mostly reaction videos and little sketchy comedy. On the h3 podcast, they invite guests and have funny and interesting conversations about different things.

It’s safe to say that they had a certain connection with their audience.

The Story Behind Ethan Klein’s Decision

Ethan Klein’s first real estate purchase was a house located in Los Angeles’ gated hidden hills community which he purchased in 2017. Living in this community as his neighbors were big time celebrities like Drake and the Kardashians.

However, after living in the house for 2 years, he noticed that it didn’t fit into the lifestyle he wanted. According to reports, excessive cost of upkeep had something to do with it. So he sold the place at 2.5 million dollars.

After leaving the house in hidden hills community, Ethan decided to build himself a house. Something that met his standards and was suitable for he and his family.

Ethan Klein’s House

Ethan Klein’s house is a lot of things and has a lot of great features. Features like modern aesthetics, unique architectural features, creative use of space, personal touches and designs, and technology incorporated into design.

The modern aesthetics of the Klein’s house is a magnificent sight. The minimalist designs and color palettes, the sleek finishes, and the clean lines all give out this inviting vibe.

This house is like none other. One unique architectural feature is its use of geometry shapes throughout the design. Another feature is the combination of different natural materials like wood, stones and glass; and still create a bond.

Like we mentioned before, a lot of thought was put into building this house. You notice the personal touch as soon as you step foot inside the house.

Touring The Exterior Of Klein’s House

The exterior of Ethan Klein’s house is said to be an architectural marvel. As you approach the building, these are some of the features that you will notice.

Floor To Ceiling Windows

  • Massive floor to ceiling windows which allows natural light to easily penetrate.
  • The windows provide a perfect view of the Hollywood Hills, its surroundings and city skyline.
  • You can’t help but imagine family time during the day. Picturing something like that will give you a nudge of how the lighting can amplify the interior designs.

Minimal Designs

  • You will notice the evidence of minimal design when you see the smooth surfaces with little to no ornaments plaguing the whole place.
  • The only extravagant designs are the small palm trees and little designs on the walkway.


  • Two large balconies on the second story which provides space for extra outdoor activities.
  • It is also somewhere you can chill with friends while enjoying the view of the great outdoors.


  • A garage which is obviously placed on the ground floor provides shelter for cars.

Ethan Klein’s Interior Design

With 6000 square feet of living space, you would think that designing such a place would be impossible. However, Klein hired Marie Mill to spearhead the interior design of this house; and she did an amazing job.

She delivered an aesthetic design that met Klein’s needs. Each room was designed to be suitable for his lifestyle.

Space Design
Entryway The entry hallway has a very high ceiling; which makes it base for natural light. Entering the hallway, you notice the white oak herringbone floors. The staircase leading to the second floor is coated with oak and matte black steel.
Living room The living room which is regarded as the heart of the home is located off the entry hallway. The living room has a relaxed and casual design which matches Klein’s lifestyle. It has simple designs like the stoned fire place, picture windows, and creamy white color that reflects natural light. The living room gives a welcoming vibe to visitors.
Primary bedroom The primary bedroom is a private space located on the second floor of the house. The  bedroom gives a cozy vibe and the creamy white color continues in this space. Also, instead of using ceiling lights, Klein uses table lamps.
Secondary bedrooms They have three secondary bedrooms reserved for guests and possibly future kids. These bedrooms are smaller than the primary bedrooms, but they also have simplistic designs.
Backyard The backyard has a pool and spa with other areas for entertainment. There are also mature olive trees planted that help cool the lounge area.