Buy Homes On A Budget
Buy Homes On A Budget

Best Upgrades When Building a New Home

With many upgrades for a new house to choose from, knowing where to spend money might be difficult. You can easily be swayed by brushed gold tapware, fancy showerheads, or a beautiful paint swatch in the design or display center. But you can make most of these upgrades without spending to break the bank. For this, Reynolds Team VA Beach, VA suggests that you start with the following upgrades:

1. Designated Spot for Microwave

Finding a perfect place for the microwave is important when designing your kitchen. The last thing you want is to keep your microwave on the countertop. A common place for microwaves is over-the-range, using units with built-in fans. However, you can instead move it beside your stove area. This way, you will have the capability of using whatever range fan you prefer. Another great spot is a base cabinet, with pans and pots drawer below.

2. Window Placement and Upgrades

Windows accomplishes more than just letting in fresh air and natural light into the house. They greatly contribute to the architectural style of a home and protect you against cold/heat. Since they are big ticket items in the cost of building a new house, getting this right from the start means you will not find it necessary to pay for similar windows more than once.

3. Kitchen Storage and Benchtops

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to make the necessary upgrades to your kitchen. Begin with the benchtop design and material. It must be timeless, durable, and simple for you to use now and in the future. Opt for a design, which is less likely to go out of style. Think of quality, long-lasting, easy-care, and stylish materials, such as quartz bench tops.

4. Stairs

Before the construction starts, the builder will have to finalize plans as well as submit them to your county, town, or city for permits and approval. Depending on the builder and where you currently live, this might mean you can have a chance to make necessary changes to the plan before the submission. One of the most important elements you need to address is the staircase. A good option you can consider is wood staircases. They come in varieties, so ensure you ask your builder to give you options to choose from. Some of the options they can recommend are maple and oak, which have different appearances.

5. More Lighting

Standard newly constructed homes come with light, but when making upgrades, you can have several options you can add. Make your hard-earned money count by simply focusing on every room where the lighting is more important, like bathrooms and kitchen. Lighting is functional, and not only adds warmth but also brightness to a space. Although an abundance of lighting mightn’t be super notable to future buyers, lacking it will surely be.

Building a home of your dreams is a great experience. The whole process is rewarding and fun, especially if you incorporate the best upgrades. These upgrades may include adding more lighting, stairs, kitchen storage/benchtops, window placement, and a designated place for your microwave.