Garden Water Feature Ideas
Garden Water Feature Ideas

Water features can transform your garden. The murmur and the trickle of water features, the soothing soft surface of waterfalls or pond, or the twinkling of light in a pool can take your garden from pretty to fabulous. Planting colorful flowers, digging the soil for veggies for the garden kitchen, or planting some trees are relaxing and adding wonder to your garden. But sitting down near a waterfall, pond, or fountain after a working day makes you relaxed to zen levels.

Sometimes having water features in your garden may sound like expensive hard work. But you can create a beautiful waterfall, pond, or fountain without gruesome work.

In this post, we’ll share our selection of the best outdoor garden water features to inspire you to create your own.

Natural Pond

Natural ponds are a fundamental landscape feature that has demonstrated hugely well with homeowners. Natural ponds are ordinarily worked by unearthing an opening and fixing it with either an inflexible or flexible liner. A filtration framework is introduced alongside a submarine pump to keep the water spotless and a few groups will add a waterfall to help alleviate clamor from the pump. Natural ponds can be designed to merge flawlessly with basically any landscape.

Modern-Day Moat

Not exclusively does a streaming backyard stream offer relieving sounds, however it additionally gives a feeling of protection and isolation. It resembles having your own channel! Simply make certain to incorporate finishing subtleties like a scaffold or venturing stones across your stream to interface your home with the remainder of your yard.

Waterfall Pond

Here’s a pond with a waterfall that is ideal for this lush part in a northern environment. This Edmonton-region property is encircled by woodlands and utilizes light-hued level rocks, dull arranging mulch, bushes, and perennials to make an emotional backyard water feature.

Statue Water Fountains

This is one of our most exquisite outside water fountain thoughts. Maybe seen all the more often in motion pictures, sculpture water fountains are probably the most interesting water features.

This fountain surely makes for a solid point of convergence and ice breaker. You’ll have individuals discussing it for quite a long time.


With a water divider water gradually falls down the essence of a divider and is taken care of back up to the top in order to ceaselessly go through. Waterwalls are an exquisite feature that inclines up the extravagance in an open air kitchen or pool territory. A channel is utilized to guarantee the water remains clean and isn’t overpowered by mineral development from the (ordinarily) brick work divider. You can adjust the sound the waterwall utilizes on the surface on the divider. Driven lights can be added to staggering impact.

Small Stream

If you’re not ready to incorporate an enormous stream or pond all through your yard, consider planning a shallow, more controlled stream to run along the edges of your backyard all things being equal. Add a little waterfall between levels for detail, just as smooth stones or rocks for texture.

Swimming Pond

Is it true that you are searching for a swimming region however are impervious to the conventional backyard pool? This natural swimming pond incorporates a three-foot-profound shallow region just as a six-foot end fixed with stone flagstone. A shallow “recovery” zone incorporates plants, amphibian creepy crawlies, and microscopic organisms to clean and channel the water.

Rain Curtain

Rain curtains are a grown-up plan feature. Small openings of equivalent size and in the ideal example (normally a straight line) are penetrated into the upper bit of the gadget. A pump is added to reuse water to the top. Rain curtains can be added over a bit of the swimming pool or can be accustomed to shocking impact as a component of an outside kitchen plan.

Kid-Friendly Splash Pad

Do your kids love to go through the sprinkler? Update their backyard water undertakings with a splash cushion. Private splash pads have all the allure of the common water park splash cushion—just with the solace of being at home! Splash Pads are additionally more secure than a customary swimming pool in light of the fact that there’s no standing water. You can add some Playground Equipment in the pool with splash pads so your kids can enjoy with water playground equipment too.


Scuppers are like sconces yet normally more extensive, more various, and with more noteworthy water volume included. Scuppers convey water from an upper level to a lower. Some of the time that lower level is a current inground pool and once in a while it could be an independent channel.

Channels are coordinated to keep the water clean. The sound they produce will rely upon the volume of water and the size of the drop from one level to the next. Scuppers can be utilized working together with waterfalls and different segments to make elaborate builds that plummet in stages and inspire old world castles. Adding LED lights can make an amazing look and feel. Expenses fluctuate generally.

Koi Pond

If you have the space and the assets, transform a part of your backyard into a serene koi pond. Ensure your koi pond is adequately huge to permit fish to develop and live easily. Koi likewise eat plants, so just add non-poisonous greenery to your pond, for example, water lilies, water lettuce, or other skimming plants.

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