Buying Property
Buying Property

9 Effective Ways To Increase Property Value. Buying a house is a big life decision. We invest not just our capital but also our hopes into it. Some buy property for personal use while many others do it with a business mindset. The property is always expected to increase its value over time. Therefore, after extensive research on factors such as the market, infrastructure, connectivity, and more; a property can be a good investment for the future.

Although the factors mentioned above are not in our control, they can be taken care of before the purchase. There are certain aspects of a property that you can change in order to increase your property value, an expert in the construction industry, lays down the following 9 proven ways to get the maximum value at the time of property resale.

1. Start with the Exterior

Think of the time when you purchased a property for personal use. Were you attracted to a beautiful, good-looking house or a dull and shabby-looking one? It’s a no-brainer: an excellent exterior entices more buyers.

Therefore, invest in the outdoor walls, doors, windows, lawn, and garage, and keep the exterior appealing.

Maintain your property in such a way that no one can take their eyes off of it. Yes, although we should not judge a book by its cover, there is no harm in keeping the cover charming.

2. Paint all around 

Whenever we think of renovating a home, painting the walls is the first thing that comes to mind. Painting is not only feasible but also an effective way to hide all the dullness and blemishes that adversely affect a home’s value.

Touch up the walls from time to time to maintain a fresh look. You can either add a new layer to the entire house or can also just refresh the faded walls.

Furthermore, painting can either be done by an expert in interior designing or simply by yourself. Ivory on walls has proven to be a value-adding factor.

3. Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathroom 

Normally, you will notice that the bedrooms, living room, and dining room are all in perfect condition. It is typically the kitchen and bathrooms that need updating.

These two are the game changers at the time of the resale.

Maintain these two rooms and expect a guaranteed high future price. Keep them up-to-date with a modern touch.

Take care of the fixtures, sinks, cabinets, kitchen counters, and lighting in the kitchen. For the bathroom, the sink basin, faucets, and flooring are all equally important.

4. Benefitting from the square footage

If you are looking for buyers but your basement is incomplete, then stop for a moment and consider the importance of an extra room. The usable square footage is a basic way of comparing two similar properties. The more square footage, the more value you get. Therefore, make use of empty areas and enjoy a high return in the future.

5. Add More Storage

A large family always looks for more storage space. If you have the space, then opt for installing an extra shelf or cabinets. You can also install open shelves in the kitchen and bedrooms. Furthermore, hooks behind the door are also a smart way to use space efficiently.

6. Energy Efficient Home

Nowadays, buyers look for energy-efficient homes. They are less interested in generic, outdated appliances. Energy-efficient appliances not only save money in the long run but are eco-friendly. Investing in energy-efficient appliances is a one-time investment that will surely provide better future results.

7. Smarter Home

With ever-evolving technologies, even home appliances and products are getting smarter day by day. Efficient security systems, fire detectors, thermostats, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, and locks all add to the perks of purchasing an updated home.

Though sometimes it is said that these technologies do not result in better returns, they provide chances to meet a “techie” who is ready to pay more for such services.

8. Attractive Landscaping

This is the most common thing taken into consideration while buying a home. The exterior view should be well-maintained and easy on the eyes. You can make affordable changes to transform your front landscape into an elegant one. Add plants and flowers to your front yard. Choose plants that are drought efficient because they will be significantly easier to maintain. Also, a fence around the property perimeter is considered desirable.

9. Low Maintenance Flooring

Lastly, remember to keep the house low maintenance. There are frequent scenarios in which a working couple does not have time for regular cleaning or upkeep of their home. Therefore, having low-maintenance flooring is much preferred.

Tile and marble are alluring flooring options in contrast to the more high-maintenance rugs and carpets. Tile and/or marble are better in the long run. Carpets carry dust and allergens and also contribute to poor indoor air quality. In addition, they also require regular dry cleaning and are quite expensive. Therefore, choose low-maintenance flooring for better value.