Arch Designs
Arch Designs

9 Arch Designs You Should Know About. If you are thinking of getting your house renovated or remodeled, you need to cater to all the information about the latest designs and trends. You should know about the wallpapers, wall paint, kitchen, garden, living room, and not just this; you should also know how to choose the best construction or interior design company for you. You can visit our other blogs for all this data to learn about them in detail.

In this blog, we shall discuss the arches. Well, an arch is a structure in architecture that is in a curved shape. They are joined through mortar or stones. Further, it provides an opening through a wall and supports the weight of the wall above it. You must have seen these arches in many churches, homes, hotels, palaces, and many more. They are pretty common in the architectural world. But which one will be best for your home? Let us find out-

1. Glass Arch

Gone are the days when you commonly found stone and cement arches. Here comes the new trend of glass arches. They are classy as well as unique. You won’t find many glass arches at home, but believe us, they will bring the quirk to the house. Further, you will find very beautiful designs on the glass of these arches. These provide that artistic touch to the home and also make a boring room into an attractive one.

2. Wooden Arch

Like the glass arch, you can also have a wooden arch at your home. They give that dignified vibe to the home. With white marble floor, wooden arches look magnificent. It will bring charm to the house. You can have such an arch from the living room to the hall arch. Yes, this can be the centerpiece of the home.

3. Indian Style Arch

If you have visited Indian temples, then you must have noticed how beautiful and symmetrical their arch designs are. Well, you can have one at your home too. This will look lovely if you have an ancient house. You can have it in marble or cement. Whatever it is, it brings composure to the house. You can have it in the dining room with a simple wall and floor. This Indian-style arch will add a glow to the room.

4. The one with Pillars

This design is a little bit different from the rest of the arches. Here you add the pillars to the arches. Such arches are ideal for the living room. If you have cream and wooden accent makeover of the home, then have this arch design in your living room. Further, make it in the complementing shades. Try to elegantly include it in the interiors, and believe us you will adore it.

5. Balcony Arch

We think you are falling in love with the idea of having an arch in your place, right? Then do not just limit to the interiors, you can also have an arch door on the balcony. They look classy and royal to the passersby. Further, arch doors also bring a soothing vibe to the home. This design will make your balcony stand out from the rest balconies.

6. Television Wall Arch

Arches are not just to make the entrance, you can also have them on a plain wall to add a spark. For instance, you can add the arch to the television wall. This brings life to the room. You can keep the paint or wallpaper design simple and have such an arch. They look charming and adorable behind the T.V.

7. Brick Style Arches

If you want a cozy and warm home, then go for brick arches. Your house must be full of warmth and comfort, where you, along with the whole family, had beautiful memories. This brick-style arch will make it more pleasant and homely. Also, if your home is of rusty attire, then these arches will also complement the best to it. Bricks are harmoniously placed to form the structure. Such arches go best with the wooden flooring.

8. Rectangular Arches

It is not always necessary that you want a semi-circular arch. You can also go with a rectangular arch. Such arches look charming in the hall, providing that luxurious look to the house. Then rather than keeping it simple, add corn lights, bulbs, LEDs, wood, etc to make it more eye-catchy. Such an arch looks perfect in a simple hall. This will look very elegant and will catch the attention of guests.

9. Contemporary Arch Design

Well, the above-mentioned arch designs are somewhat basic and you must be familiar with them. Now here comes the masterpiece. In contemporary arch designs, there is not just an entrance to a room, but also there are shelves along the curves. In contemporary arch design, you can showcase your lovely and magnificent art pieces and make your home modern. Except for this, these arch designs are also storage-friendly. You can even display the royal crockery you have.

Final Words

We have seen many arch designs and yes, there are many more. You must have made up your mind by now to have this amazing structure in your home. We, Erisa Projects, recommend you choose the best according to the interiors of your house. We are an interior design and construction company and hence will advise the best for you. Contact us to get that perfect arch design in your home.