house tricks

Keeping the house tidy can be a difficult task for many families. As much as we try to clean and organize, in a few minutes everything is messy again without us realizing it.

The current lifestyle that forces us to spend less time at home, together with the laziness that prevents us from spending a few minutes tidying up, means that the house always looks like a mess no matter how much we try to change our habits.

At Gilmar we offer you some simple tricks that will help you keep your house tidy with little effort. They will only take a few minutes a day, saving you the work of cleaning and organizing everything when you finally find some free time. Dedicate these moments to take a well-deserved rest, without the clutter in your house clouding your peace of mind.

How to keep your house tidy with little effort

make the bed every morning

One of the gestures that makes the bedroom automatically look tidier is to make the bed as soon as you get up. Never leave home without having left the bed made, because when you return it will seem that everything is worse than when you left.

As soon as you get up, uncover the bed so that it can air out for a few minutes. Take a shower, get dressed, and before you leave the room, lay out the sheets and duvet, putting the pillows and cushions in their places. In this way you will avoid leaving clothes on the bed, with a visually tidy room.

Go over the cleanliness of the bathroom once a day

When you’re done using the bathroom, wipe it down so you don’t have to scrub too hard when it’s time for general cleaning. Preventing dirt and limescale from accumulating on bathroom fixtures is as easy as wiping with a sponge or cloth when you get out of the shower or finish using the sink.

Always leave the cleaning products and some accessory to go over the bathroom. Don’t forget about the faucets and the countertop . It will only take a few minutes and the bathroom will always be impeccable. And speaking of taps, do you want to know the types of bathroom taps and how to choose them?

Clear the table after eating

Dedicating a few minutes to the desktop after eating is very good. But at this time is when the greatest laziness appears that makes dirty dishes end up piling up in the kitchen day after day. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Clear the table and the kitchen as soon as you finish eating.

Scrubbing and tidying up the kitchen while you prepare food will also save you a lot of time. This part of the house is the most dirty along with the bathroom, and for this reason we need to review its order and cleanliness every day without fail to keep the house tidy.

If something goes in, something must come out

Are you thinking of changing the decoration of your house? Do you want to add a new piece of furniture? To keep your house tidy and clutter-free, remember this rule: if something goes in, something must go out .

Everything has a place in your house, and just like in any other ecosystem, when something enters it can upset the balance. In this case, the organization of your home is at stake. If you already have a hard time keeping it tidy, it’s because there are too many objects. Do not add any other extra detail without first thinking about what place it will occupy.

Store your things when you get home

We continue with the daily organization to keep the house tidy, with a very practical trick from the experts in home order: when you get home, don’t just leave your things lying around, put them in their proper place so they don’t end up messing it up all.

Leave a place for your bag (here are ideas to store and organize bags ), keep your coat in the closet, your shoes in the shoe cabinet, and if you take off your clothes, put them directly in the laundry basket. Don’t wait to sit down or start doing something else without having ordered your things beforehand, to avoid the laziness of doing it later.

Pick up every night before bed

There is nothing like going to sleep peacefully after having tidied up the whole house. If you have followed the basic guidelines, you will hardly have to remove anything that is out of its proper place. But if there is still something pending, make the last effort and order what you lack.