Bathrooms are not similar to living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens that can be made shift. You might have a storage room that you can instantly transform into a sleeping area, or your attic can be made into a playroom for kids. Your kitchen can be outdoors, somewhere beside the garden, and your living room can also be where your dining area is. But bathrooms are bathrooms themselves. Houses are not complete and not convenient without them.

Thankfully, not a single new home builder recommends removing bathrooms from house plans. Bathrooms are essential any time of day. They are also called ‘comfort rooms’ because being inside them allows people to feel free, comfortable and clean. Of course, this also depends on the quality that they have. If the bathroom is excellent, then the comfort it provides will be the same. Otherwise, it is not.

Being one of the most used and most shared spaces in houses, bathrooms are built and designed with strong and reliable materials and techniques. They are exposed not only to water and moisture but also to dirt and wastes. That’s why although they are created well, bathrooms are prone to wearing out. What’s more destructive though is the way people use them.

Yes, because you are used to your home’s bathroom, oftentimes, you do not care anymore about your actions that affect its efficiency. Most homeowners are unaware that their bathrooms are gradually deteriorating simply because of the mistakes done by people living in the house. That is how they are urged to spend tons of money on remodelling bathrooms and re-purchasing items.

This piece lists 6 things you do that wreck the quality of your bathrooms. Check it out to know that you have to be extra careful and why you have to be.


One of the things that different people commonly do, not only in public comfort rooms but also in their own bathrooms, is throwing tissue into the toilet bowl.

When you dispose of tissue into the bowl, you flush it down using the water dipper or the toilet flush and leave it, thinking that everything’s alright. While you observe that tissue paper is soft, thin and breakable, the truth is that it is a major cause of clogging.

Facial tissue and paper towels are tougher than they look. How they are created and designed is meant for them to be strong. Just look at how inconvenient it would be to use facial tissue paper that’s brittle; it will not be advantageous for wiping the face, removing makeup and scrubbing dirt. The same with kitchen towels; they will not be able to securely store sandwiches and buns if they easily break.

That’s why these tissue papers are hard to tear unlike regular toilet paper. Water cannot melt them instantly, so they stay in your toilet and lead to clogging.


Because the pail is heavy, you just push and pull it from the door to under the faucet. Compared to lifting it up to carry it, dragging is more convenient and effortless. Similarly, it is an effortless way to ruin your bathroom floor.

The floor could be covered with ceramic tiles, with wood or with vinyl of great quality, but having big and heavy buckets scratching it can cause it to slowly fade in color and luster. Moreover, when the barrels you move here and there have rough and sharp edges, the floor surfaces affected may get grazed.


Because you are too comfortable being inside the comfort room, there are times when you are clumsily moving around it. Mindlessly dropping items, especially heavy ones, can damage the surfaces they hit. Most of the time, the floors, the bathtub and the sink are the victims. You leave them dented or split.


If the people in your house are mostly long-haired, you are aware how hairballs can always be found in the bathroom you all use. Nonetheless, even those short-haired are not exempted.

These sets of fallen hair do not look nice at all, so they must be thrown away in designated trash bins. However, because of their icky appearance, you tend to ignore them and wait for someone else to just pick them up.

What if nobody initiates to be responsible? Those hairballs will clog the bathroom’s floor drain. Eventually, water will not easily exit the room, and flooding inside the bathroom will happen, especially when one is taking a bath.


Everyone wants a sanitized bathroom, right? That is why cleaning it is vital.

Problem arises though when improper cleaning is done. Intensely scrubbing walls and floors can lead to marks and disfigurements. If you are using wallpaper for bathrooms, you might skin it. After that, you will need to buy and install a new one or change to tiles or paint. That means more expenses when in the first place, you could have avoided them.


Sometimes, you are too careful and gentle when rubbing, yet you do not know that the agents you’re using are the culprits that weaken various segments in the bathroom. Using harsh chemical cleaners is destroying the quality of your comfort room and is causing health irritations to you as well.


Some people love their bathrooms more than their bedrooms. Probably, that’s one of the reasons why they take more than an hour to take a bath.

Bathrooms serve a functional purpose that no other area in the house can. They are supposed to be properly utilized and taken care of, so that the outstanding quality they have from the beginning remains for a long period of time.

Remember that often, it’s what you do that determines the lifespan of your precious bathroom. Make sure you do not do anything that leads to its downgrade. It is for the benefit of your pockets and of your living.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Horizon Homes, a boutique home building and designing company in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.