14 Bathroom Design Trends For 2022
14 Bathroom Design Trends For 2022

The NKBA report predicts that more than half of homeowners will upgrade their light fixtures in 2022. Gold and black finishes will remain popular, while white glass will be a powerful substitute for the dated Edison filament bulbs. Self-lit vanity mirrors are expected to be a popular choice for brightening baths. Sustainability is also on the mind of consumers, who are more aware of the adaptations they need in their homes.

As for design trends, the flora and plants wall is a popular trend for 2022. You may also see more stone and natural materials being used in bathrooms. The calming, soothing tones will make your bathroom feel like a secluded retreat. The bold, modern colors will add a pop of color to your bathroom. And if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also use a DIY method to make the changes yourself.

Another popular bathroom design trend is using art. Decorative art can act as a focal point in the bathroom. It can draw the eye to a particular area of the bathroom. The budding artist can create a mural in the bathroom to add a personal touch to the space. These trends are sure to make your bathroom look modern and chic! There is no better way to update your bathroom than with a bit of paint and a little creativity.

Freestanding basins are a popular choice for small bathrooms. They add character and drama to the space without weighing the space. In addition to freestanding basins, wall-mounted sink vanities and storage systems are a must for modern interior design. Both of these design options will help you create a more spacious bathroom. These ideas will make your bathroom more appealing to buyers. The most important thing is to remember that updating your bathroom is fun, so have fun and enjoy the process!

While you can’t go wild in the bathroom, you can incorporate elements that are functional and beautiful. Wooden flooring is a great way to add character to your bathroom, while glass shower walls will help add a luxurious feel to your space. If you’re in the market for a new shower, consider installing a glass divider between the bathtub and the toilet to add more light. While you’re renovating, you may want to consider the many different ways to update your bathroom.

Metals have been a popular choice for bathroom fixtures in the past, but they’re making a comeback in the design world. Instead of focusing on the aesthetics of metal fixtures, the emphasis is on functionality and style. In addition to metal fixtures, black bathrooms will have terracotta sinks and metallic accents. Similarly, a freestanding bathtub will be a great focal point.

Lighting is an essential part of a bathroom and can create a mood for the owner. Several lighting scenarios should be considered in a bathroom. The general lighting should be a feature of the room and blend in with the surrounding d├ęcor. A glossy surface is more visually appealing, while a matte surface will require more saturated lighting. Adding a chandelier to the ceiling is another great idea for a modern minimalist bathroom.

Romantic bathroom design trends are set to continue to grow in popularity. One of the most iconic eras in history, the Victorian era, is a prime example of this trend. It combines old-world charm with sleek contemporary finishes. Ornate mirrors, stone basins, and brass faucets can create a romantic atmosphere in a bathroom. Meanwhile, rougher wall surfaces will make the details stand out.

The two-in-one shower concept is also being reinvented with a glass divider. This type of tile has both a luxurious and a minimalist aesthetic, but trendsetters will avoid sticking to just one. They will mix and match to create a cohesive image. While this change is not required for a bathroom, it should still look attractive and stylish. There are a few things that can be done to update it.