10 Types of Marble Flooring You Should Consider for Your Home
10 Types of Marble Flooring You Should Consider for Your Home

There are many advantages of marble flooring. It looks upscale, is timeless, and works well with both contemporary and classical interiors. Its smooth surface makes it suitable for luxury interiors, and its durability is exceptional. You can also use it for a minimalist design, in which the focus is on functional details. The marble floor can be a bold statement on its own. For these reasons, you should think about installing it in your home.

One of the biggest benefits of marble flooring is that it is easy to maintain. The material is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures and frequent water splashes. It can also be easily installed. The downside is that marble is expensive, so if you’re not confident in your DIY skills, you should contact a professional flooring company to help you. They will help you select the perfect stone and determine its price.

Breccia marble is the most popular type of marble flooring. It is available in rich, warm hues. Known for its deep red veins, this stone is durable and never goes out of style. Its high gloss finish makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, and it is highly resistant to high temperatures. Moreover, the material is extremely heat-resistant. Therefore, it is a great option for homes with active children and pets.

Besides being luxurious, marble flooring can add an energetic vibe to your home. It can be purchased anywhere from Rs 30 to 60 per square foot. Brown marble is one of the most popular types of marble flooring in the market. It is available in many earthy shades, such as ebony suede, Armani brown fossil, Torrento, fantasy brown lehariya, and Ambaji brown.

Green Marble is a type of marble flooring that symbolizes health and prosperity. Its veins are mostly white, but they can contain other colours too. However, the green colour veins can be lighter than the base colour. It is also possible to find the same type of marble in several different types of shades. If you’re looking for a luxurious natural stone flooring, you can look for the one that will suit your home best.

Dreaming Green Marble is one of the most desirable types of marble flooring in the world. This beautiful stone is unique to China, and features hints of blue, grey, and white. Its cloudy pigmentation makes it stand out, which makes it a great choice for your home. It is also easy to clean, but it needs a lot of regular polishing. If you’re looking for a more luxurious flooring, you should consider the White Marble tiles.

The most popular marble flooring is White Marble, which is the most expensive type of marble. It has a unique pattern of veins and is available in different shades. As marble is a hard stone, it is prone to wear down, and therefore needs regular polishing. Fortunately, it’s also a durable material. Despite the costs, you can install the flooring yourself, and it’s not very difficult to do yourself.

Polished marble is the most expensive type of marble flooring. This type of marble is very polished, which brings out the veining. This type of marble will maintain its glossy shine for many years. Another option is honed, which is less polished. The honed marble has a more natural look and is not reflective. It looks dull. If you’re interested in the honed version of marble, you can consider the honed version.

Green marble is not the usual color of marble flooring in a home. It represents wealth, peace, and prosperity, and is also suitable for Vaastu. You can find various green marble slabs on the market. Among these, green is one of the most popular and expensive types. This stone is very durable and can withstand heavy footfall. Furthermore, marble is very easy to install, and you can even do it yourself with a few tips.