Cultural Israel Restaurant in New York City

Timna Restaurant is a cultural Israel Restaurant in New York City. Established by Israeli-born rabbis Meni Ginsberg and Yair Shamor, this fine dining restaurant specializes in Jewish cuisine from the Holy Land. The menu features traditional Jewish delicacies such as Shvat Fish, Braised Lamb Kebobs (lamb stew with rice and meat), and Barbecued Salmon served with tasty fresh salad.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is very pleasant and comforting. The interior design of the Timna Restaurant has a unique and attractive combination of modern and traditional design. There are many attractive elements including wood panelling throughout. The furniture consists mainly of wood. Apart from these, the restaurant has excellent service and great food.

Customer satisfaction: The Timna Restaurant received mostly positive reviews from its customers. According to them, the food is really good and the prices are affordable. According to one customer, “the taste of the food was great and there were several varieties available; you couldn’t get enough of one thing in this restaurant”.

However, not all customers were satisfied with the taste of the food. According to one customer, “The taste of the lamb wasn’t that great. Also, the beef was cooked rare, which I am not used to seeing in that style. Overall, it was not my kind of restaurant. Maybe it needs some work.”

The owner of the Timna Restaurant, Yair Shamor, is a skilled person. He started his restaurant as a small one but then grew it in many branches. He also expanded the menu to a more international variety. He has tried many types of food from the Arab world, but he believes the best ones are from the Jewish culture. He believes that many of the dishes he serves in his restaurant are actually from the Bible and not from other cultures.

The atmosphere of the cultural Israel restaurant in New York City is very warm. Mr. Shamor gave only $15 as starting price for a plate of food. The price seems low, but the food is excellent. When you are dining at the Timna Restaurant you can relax and enjoy talking to the staff of the restaurant. The owner and the chef are both very talkative and fluent in English. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very polite and friendly.

There are many different kinds of food to be served in the Timna Restaurant. There are various types of platters that are available. Some of the customers even wrote down their favorite items on the paper napkins. The restaurant serves many types of refreshments and deserts such as chocolate mints and lemon cakes. There are also many different appetizers and deserts for customers to choose from.

The Timna Restaurant has served many famous restaurants and many of them are still going strong. The customers are treated very good by this restaurant. There are many different cultures that can be enjoyed at this restaurant. This is a great place to go if you are having a date or if you want to have an intimate dinner with your family.

The Timna Restaurant has an outdoor pool and it also has a very large and well lit bar. This restaurant is very popular for its delicious appetizers and soups. It also serves amazing desserts such as pies and cakes. There are many different kinds of drinks to choose from such as coffee and other flavored drinks. The wine served here has been rated excellent. There are many different kinds of wines to choose from.

The Timna Restaurant has also won many awards for its delicious meals and also for the exceptional service. The ambiance is very calm and serene. There are many people who frequent this establishment not just for the delicious food, but also because they can sit and relax and listen to the live bands and singers. It is also a great place for couples to spend quality time together.

The Timna Restaurant has received many different awards for its excellence in service. This restaurant has won many awards, and it is also frequented by many New York City couples on a weekly basis. The Timna Restaurant is located on Riving Street in the Broadway district of New York City.

If you are looking for a cultural Israel spot, you will definitely want to check out the Timna restaurant. This restaurant is one of the best Jewish Israel restaurants that I have ever been to. It has a wonderful ambiance and many New York Jews frequent this wonderful establishment.